School of Education and Behavorial Sciences

Master of Education Degree Program

    • Reading Specialist(not accepting applications at this time) – a newly designed K-12 degree that provides teachers with the ability to diagnose and remediate reading challenges in grades K-12.
    • School Administration – the M.Ed.—School Administration Program is designed to meet the needs of current educators who wish to move into school administration.
    • School Counseling – the M.Ed.—School Counseling is designed to prepare individuals to assume the role of professional school counselor in elementary and secondary schools.


Southeastern Oklahoma State University will be the leading provider of high quality Master of Education programs in southeastern Oklahoma and northern Texas for the development of educational leaders.


Southeastern Oklahoma State University Master of Education programs produce graduates who demonstrate academic and practical excellence in their respective fields. Through quality instruction grounded in current research, students will develop the professional competencies necessary to support thoughtful, ethical, and effective practice.

Admission Requirements

Application to the Master of Education Degree Program is a two-step process. Applicants must first be admitted to the School of Graduate and University Studies (A-307) and then to the Master of Education program (M-217). Prerequisites may be required in the specialization areas. Students should refer to the specific degree programs in the catalogue for a complete list of admission requirements. Further information is available in the Master of Education Graduate and University Studies Handbook, available for download at this site. Students must apply for Candidacy in the Master of Education Degree Program upon completion of 12 hours of course work. Students may not enroll for more than 12 hours in the program until they are granted Admission to Candidacy. The qualifications for Admission to Candidacy are:

  1. Completion of at least 12 hours of graduate level coursework.
  2. Successful completion of the M. Ed. Writing Sample.
  3. An approved plan of study on file in the Graduate Office.
  4. A 3.00 GPA on all graduate level coursework attempted.

Forms and Other Documents