School of Education and Behavorial Sciences

M.Ed. Reading Specialist

Over the last three years Southeastern Oklahoma State University has developed a M.Ed. Reading Specialist program which is designed to specifically meet the needs of currently employed teachers. The program is offered in a cohort format which accommodates busy professionals in a highly accessible manner. Courses are offered onsite at a local school district and/or as a hybrid mix. The program is designed to be finished in a two year format. Students are given an opportunity in the organizational meeting for the program to have input into the scheduling.

Why Teachers Should Take This Program

This program is offered in a highly accessible format.  This format keeps driving time to a minimum and also offers a schedule that fits the prospective student’s busy schedule.  We believe you will not find a more accessible and convenient way to complete your M.Ed.  In addition, candidates are prepared to pass the Oklahoma Subject Area Test for Reading Specialist as this program was written to meet all International Reading Association competencies for NCATE Accreditation.  Faculty members in the Reading Specialist Program place a high priority on the assessment of student learner outcomes. Assessment procedures for the Reading Specialist Program include, but are not limited to, standardized testing, comprehensive examination, surveying, and evaluation.

Program Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant must be admitted to the School of Graduate and University Studies (A307).
  2. Unconditional admission to the M.Ed. Program in Reading requires the candidate (a) hold or be eligible for a standard teaching certificate in elementary or special education, (b) have completed 9 hours of reading methods courses and one course in language arts methods at the undergraduate level, and (c) have completed at least three years of teaching in an accredited school prior to conferring of the M.E degree. Applicant must also present letters of recommendation and provide evidence of writing ability by submitting a writing sample.

M.Ed. Reading Specialist PDF Downloads

Course Requirements

  • EDUC 5203 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDUC 5113 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development
  • ELED 5603 Theories & Research in Language Arts
  • ELED 5613 Theories & Research in Reading
  • ELED 5623 Diagnosis & Remediation of Rdg. Difficulties (gr. 1-8)
  • ELED 5633 Diagnosis & Remediation of Rdg. Difficulties (gr. 9-12)
  • ELED 5643 Literacy Materials & Environments
  • ELED 5653 Content Area Reading
  • ELED 5663 Older Struggling Readers & English Language Learners
  • ELED 5673 The Role of the Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach
  • ELED 5683 Practicum in Reading I (grades 1-8)
  • ELED 5693 Practicum in Reading II (grades 9-12)
  • Comprehensive Exam

Total Hours: 36 hours