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Why go Greek?

1. Leadership Opportunities 

The Greek community offers a unique opportunity for students to apply their leadership skills in real life situations. Because each chapter is self governing and relies on the skills and abilities of its members for successful management, members will be tested and shaped into successful leaders. Members of the Greek community serve in a wide variety of leadership roles on our campus such as Student Government Association, True Blue Ambassadors, Savage Storm Leaders, and many more student organizations. 

2. Higher Grade Point Average

The value of successful scholarship is reflected in the Greek community. Organizations help their members achieve academic success through providing tutoring sessions, study skills, and class scheduling assistance. The Greek community, and most chapters also provide a number of incentives and recognition to those Greeks who achieve academically. 

3. Participation in Campus Activities

Being involved in a Greek organization gives you a unique opportunity to be heavily involved in campus activities. From Student Government to intramural sports, the Greek community plays an active role in campus activities.

4. Working with a Diverse Group of People

Being involved in Greek organizations, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations, campus administration, and community leaders. 

 5. Preparation for Future Career Choices

Chapter offices offer real-world experience that will help you stand out among other college graduates. The leaderships skills learned, service projects done, and connections made throughout the Greek community will prepare you to for your future career choices.    The National Panhellenic Conference did research regarding sorority membership and found several correlations between sorority membership and graduation.
  • The first to second year retention rates for collegiate members of sororities (93%) is higher than for nonmembers
  • The six-year graduation rate for sorority members (84%) is also higher than the equivalent rate for nonmembers
  • The four-year "on time" graduation rate for sorority members (58%) also surpasses the four-year rate for nonmembers
Resource: Sorority Membership and Educational Outcomes:Results from a National Study   For more research results visit, IFC or NPC   As a Greek community, we strive to educate our chapters on Anti-Hazing. All of our organizations, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and the State of Oklahoma have very strict policies and laws to deter hazing in any student organizations. For more information about Hazing, Click Here    

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