SE Student Life

Dean of Students Office


The Dean of Students Office was established to address the needs of the diverse campus populations with the goal that it would be a place where the entire community and region could benefit from the cultural wealth of the University.

We are committed to connecting students to each other and to the University community at large. The Dean of Students Office is a resource of the Office of Student Life that assists students in reaching their goals through academic social and cultural encounters.

New initiatives and services by the Dean of Students Office are developed with the intention of building a cultural foundation on which students may grow.

We have created a meaningful, intellectual, and welcoming environment whereby the history and culture of ethnically diverse populations are are more accurately represented. The office encourages and provides a number of opportunities for cultural enrichment, leadership development, and intellectual enhancement.

Educational and Cultural Programs

Programs and activities sponsored by the Dean of Students Office are developed with the intention of increasing the level of awareness, understanding, and consciousness regarding the underrepresented culture and history of people of various descents. Our sponsored and co-sponsored programs include:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
  • Black History Month
  • Native American Activities
  • Carnival of Cultures
  • Organizations

International Student Association (ISA), Native American Council (NAC), and Black Student Association (BSA), are student organizations that provide unique opportunities for students to work collectively together to share similar cultural world views that are connected with their heritage.

The Dean of Students Office is located in the Student Union, SU300. Our regular business hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. We invite you to visit our office whether you need to study for a class, conduct research on a multicultural topic, want to engage in intellectual dialogue, desire to rest between classes, seek academic advice, or just want to be in a nurturing environment… you can find it all at SE’s Dean of Students Office.