Student Wellness Services

Member Rules

Member refers to any current Faculty, Staff or Student accessing services.

Monitoring Entry and Usage

Monitoring entry and usage will assist us in developing staffing and supervision schedules, provide for the safety of our members and helps us when developing programming for our membership. It is for that reason we will be requiring our members to log in upon arriving at the Wellness Center. They must show a currently validated faculty, staff or student I.D. when doing so. The staff will keep this I.D. card until the member departs from the facility. The staff will note any equipment being checked out by the member upon entry. The equipment will be inspected upon its return and a determination will be made if any damage not there at the time it left the office. The member will be held responsible for restitution of any damaged equipment. Each member may have one guest over the age of 18. This individual will need to show a proper photo I.D., and sign in on the guest roster filling in all information completely and accurately. All guests are required to leave at the time of the member whom is responsible for them. Members will be held responsible for their guests conduct. Upon exiting the Wellness Center each visitor will need to log out and check in any borrowed equipment.

Member conduct

If a member has become unruly, not acting in a manner that is appropriate (such as, hanging on the goals, using loud offensive language, mouthy to other patrons, spitting on the gym floor, leaning over or sitting on the walking track guard rail) then they should be asked to stop. If, at that time, the member becomes verbally abusive to the staff or continues in an inappropriate manor they may be asked to leave. If a staff member does not feel comfortable in doing this by him/herself, a supervisor or other assistive personnel may be contacted. If at any time a staff member is uncomfortable with their surroundings, feeling that other members or staff may be in danger, DO NOT hesitate to contact Campus Police (x2727). If it is felt that a member is not appropriately dressed to be active in the Wellness Center (offensive clothing, dress clothes, etc.), a member may be asked to return at a more appropriate time.

Activities not approved

There should be no unauthorized activities allowed in the Wellness Center without the consent of the Wellness Coordinator. Approved activities include basketball and volleyball in the gym. All other areas are marked with their designation at the door.

Restitution of damages

Members may be asked to make restitution for their damaging actions if deemed necessary by staff and administration. Examples of destructive behavior that may result in a student making restitution include damage to property, stolen items, disruption in services, etc. in the Wellness Center areas.

Event Bookings

All event bookings and other reservations for the Wellness Center are conducted through Faith Huddleston in the Office for Student Life, Student Union Room 305.  Or try online booking here


Any individual that is not faculty, staff or student are considered guests. All guests must be escorted by the member that they are visiting at all times. Non-escorted guests will be considered trespassers. All guests must comply with all wellness center and university policies. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times.

Dress Code

The Wellness Center strongly adheres to the Student Dress and Appearance Code in the Student Handbook. Furthermore, no dress, open toed or sandal shoes will be allowed in the facility. Shirts must be worn at all times. No high heels allowed on gym floor (wedge heels may be worn).

Food and Beverage

No food or beverages (other than water) are allowed in the gymnasium. Food is not allowed in the Wellness Center to avoid damage to equipment and flooring. The only beverage allowed in the facility is water. If a member comes with a beverage not approved it must be thrown away, however be courteous and point out to the member that drinking fountains are available in front of the locker rooms. No glass bottles are allowed in the Wellness Center and container must have a lid. NO ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES.