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Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

2013 Intramural Basketball

Monday, February 11   5:00 The Ligers vs. And1 6:00 Looney Tunes vs. Hands Down Man Down 7:00 Witness vs. SharpShooters 8:00 Teo’s Girlfriends vs. 300 9:00 Southeast Lightning vs. Dunking Disciples

2012 Fall Football Championship Game

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2013 Intramural Basketball Sign Up Extended!

The January 15th Sign Up deadline has been extended until Monday January 21, 2013 and the Captain's Meeting is Wednesday January 23, 2013 @ 7:30pm.   Intramural Flyer                    

2012 Fall Intramural Flag Football Evaluation

Attention: If you played Intramural Flag Please Complete this evaluation.

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The staff worked with my team to provide game times that met my scheduling needs:

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The facilities met my expectation:

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The new equipment met my expectation:

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The staff behaved professionally and courteous throughout my intramural experience:

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I find that the facility could use more:

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League and Tournament Features | GameChanger. I plan on using this format for Intramural Basketball  

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2012 Intramural Championship Schedule


  1. Hit-men           2. Practice Safe Sets   3. Scared Hitless
  2. 4. Ball Busters       5. Some Spike it Hott  6. Wasted Talent
  Monday, November 26 Game 1 (6:00) - Ball busters vs. Some Spike it Hott Game 2 (7:00) - Scared Hitless vs. Wasted Talent Hit-Men- BYE Practice Safe Sets- BYE   Tuesday, November 27 Game 3 (6:00) – Hit-Men vs. Winner of game 1 Game 4(7:00) - Practice Safe Sets- vs. Winner of game 2   Thursday, November 29 Championship Game (6:00)

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