Future Students

High School Concurrent Enrollment: Get Started Here

 Are you a high school student who wants to enroll in college courses before you graduate?  If so,

follow these simple steps:

  1.  Complete the Application for Admission and pay the Application fee
    • All new students are required to submit the Application for Admission.
  2.  Request an official transcript from your high school
    • The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) require all concurrent students submit an official transcript before being admitted to the university.  You can request your high school send your transcript to the Office of Admissions & Recruitment, OR you can bring it in yourself.
  3.  Submit official ACT or SAT scores
    • In order to be eligible to enroll in concurrent courses, you must have taken the ACT or SAT.  Official scores must be submitted prior to being admitted.
  4.  Visit with your high school counselor to see if you qualify to participate in concurrent enrollment
    • The OSRHE have strict eligibility requirements for students who plan to enroll in college courses while still in high school.  If you meet the minimum requirements, you should speak with your high school counselor to discuss your options for enrolling concurrently.  There are additional requirements for enrollment and course eligibility as set by the OSRHE.
  5.  Get approval from your high school and parents
    • If you have met the OSRHE requirements, and your high school approves you to enroll concurrently, you will need to submit SE’s Concurrent Permission Form.  This form must be completed by the high school and signed by you and your parent.
  6.  Enroll in classes
    • Once you have submitted all required documents, you can enroll in classes!  See information below on tuition, fees, and book costs.

Tuition Waivers for Oklahoma Residents

Southeastern Oklahoma State University offers a tuition waiver for up to (18) credit hours per school year (Summer through Spring) to high school concurrent seniors who are Oklahoma residents. There is no maximum amount of hours per semester. Additionally, Southeastern offers a tuition waiver of $100 for eligible juniors who are Oklahoma residents if enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours.  Eligible high school concurrent students will automatically receive the waiver.