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Parents FAQs

Can my student afford to attend Southeastern?

As a public university, our costs are surprisingly affordable. For Fall 2018-2019 in–state students pay only $$2,700 for 12 credit hours. Estimate $2,895 for room and board, plus $500 for books, and you have a total that keeps Southeastern competitive. Nonresidents of Oklahoma may take advantage of nonresident tuition waivers. First-time students receive a 100 percent nonresident tuition waiver for the first two semesters. They may continue to renew the waivers based on academic performance: click here for more information Back to Top

Can my student qualify for Financial Aid?

Most students need a little help paying for their education. In fact, nearly 80 percent of Southeastern students receive some sort of aid-whether a scholarship, federal grant, student loan or a combination of all three. The key to securing financial aid is to apply as early as possible. Southeastern uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the awarding of grants and student loans. (www.fafsa.ed.gov) Back to Top

Will my student get lost in a sea of faces in class?

With approximately 4,000 students, Southeastern is a small school guided by a big vision. We work with each and every student to tap promise and develop potential. Our student-faculty ratio of 20:1 means that your student will connect with professors and will have every opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm and, if necessary, get help. Back to Top

What services are there to help my student succeed academically?

The first year on any college campus can be intimidating. At Southeastern, we make sure students get off to a solid start. Our Academic Advising and Outreach Center serves as information central. An advisor helps each student:
  • Choose courses and a major to match goals and talents.
  • Decide upon a realistic course load that accommodates work, study and play, while ensuring that graduation occurs on time.
  • Identify the best ways to address special challenges – everything from a learning disability to a gap in skills.
  • Find the right clubs and organizations to complement interests.
During your student’s first semester, our advisors also conduct a grade check to identify anyone who needs help. Through tutoring and special non–credit classes, we help students brush up on their fundamentals — everything from math to composition — and prepare for the challenges ahead. Visit the Web site of the Freshmen Programs to learn more. Back to Top

What if my student does not know what to major in?

It’s not uncommon for first–and second–year college students to be undecided about their major. And that’s fine with us. After all, an education is supposed to open doors – not only to offices and employment opportunities but also to new ideas and possibilities. As a freshman, your students will work with an advisor to find a major that matches interests and talents. An advisor can help your student measure aptitude and uncover new options. Our advising staff and faculty will show your student how to put that knack for problem solving to work in management career or how to use those people skills in a service industry. Of course, it helps to have choices. Southeastern students select from 50 academic majors. Back to Top

Is there any help with Career Development and Job Search?

There certainly is! We know every college student has the same goal, they want to pursue a career. Helping students develop their careers starts the day students step on campus and builds each year. We have a “Prep Get Hired Succeed” approach to helping students and give them a Four-Year Plan that keeps each student focused on building their career. To help every student, we have a Career Management Center on campus on the 2nd floor of the Administration Building. This is where Southeastern students come to get individual help with on-campus jobs, help with their resumes, cover letters, interviewing tips and other career development, as well as extensive job search opportunities. The Career Management Center provides events that help students get information on jobs such as: workshops, career fairs, employer informational sessions, social mixers with recruiters and alumni, networking and much more. These events better prepare students for the current needs of the workplace. Students are connected to local and national companies through our HireSEGrads online job platform and through the internships, job shadowing and mentoring programs we offer. We also extend our services to our outreach sites and to our online student population. Back to Top

How successful are your graduates?

Southeastern students not only get the strength and rigor from their classes in each of their academic departments, they also have access to internships, job shadowing and mentoring, on campus jobs, company informational sessions and recruiting opportunities. All this happens through career fairs and other networking events. This helps Southeastern students succeed before and after graduation. Employers find that our students are knowledgeable, well prepared and professional. Southeastern collaborates with local and national companies who recruit our students both online and on campus. Some of these companies are: Quanta, Department of Justice, Bernard Construction, Avis, Choctaw Nation, Google, Apple, Amazon, Exxon, First United Bank, Best Buy, Tyson Foods, Bass Pro Shops, AFLAC, Fry’s Electronics, GameStop, and many more. Even before students finish their last semester, they are offered jobs by companies in the field they are interested in and in the area they want to work. Back to Top

Will my student fit in, make friends, and be safe?

Ours is a welcoming campus, a home away from home for students from all over the country, region and state. Unlike many public universities, Southeastern is small, so it’s easy to make friends and get to know professors. And with more than 70 organizations active on campus, it’s easy to find people with common interests. Because we’re small, professors and advisors get to know your student well. That means they know when something is wrong or when a simple act of friendship is in order. It’s not uncommon for professors to take students to lunch or check on them when they miss a class. And our campus reinforces the feeling of community. All the residence halls and major classroom buildings are within a short walk of one another. Stroll across campus and you’ll meet smiling people who take pride in being part of the Southeastern family. We take safety seriously.  The Campus Safety Website is a great source of information including campus crime statistics and tips for partnering with Campus Police to keep our campus safe. Back to Top