Native American Historical Resources

Annotated Bibliography of Native American History from United States Federal Documents: Print and Online Resources by Brandon Burnette

The Invasion of America: How the United States Took Over an Eighth of the World

Native American Documents Project – focus on allotment

Native American Netroots – cultural history forum

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1763-1842

Legislative Branch

Educational Service for Indians – Hathi Trust Digital Library

Indian Education and Civilization: A Report – Internet Archive

Legal Materials

American Indian Treaties Portal – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Handbook of Federal Indian Law – University of Oklahoma

Indian Claims Commission Decisions – Oklahoma State University Library

Indian Reorganization Era Constitutions and Charters – University of Oklahoma

Kappler’s Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties – Oklahoma State University Library

Library of Congress

Judicial Branch

Historic Supreme Court Decisions
Supreme Court Decisions 1990-present

Executive Branch

Department of Commerce

American Indian Reservations and Trust Areas – Hathi Trust Digital Library

Census Bureau

American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Data and Links

Historical Decennial Census

1890 Final Reports Volume 10: Report on Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed in the United States (except Alaska)

1890 Extra Census Bulletins: The Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory: The Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations

Indian Population in the United States and Alaska, 1910

Fifteenth census of the United States: 1930, The Indian population of the United States and Alaska

Department of Defense

American Indians in the U.S. Army

Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) Digital Library – search Indians
Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) Digital Library – search Native Americans

Native Americans in the U.S. Army

Atlas of the Sioux Wars Part 1 – by Charles D. Collins, Jr.
Atlas of the Sioux Wars Part 2 – by Charles D. Collins, Jr.

The Cheyenne Wars Atlas – by Charles D. Collins, Jr.

In Search of an Elusive Enemy: The Victorio Campaign – by Kendall D. Gott

To Compel with Armed Force: A Staff Ride Handbook for the Battle of Tippecanoe – Major Harry D Tunnell IV

Native Americans in the Navy – Navy History and Heritage Command

Department of Education

Annual Reports from the National Advisory Council on Indian Education – Department of Education
Annual Reports from the National Advisory Council on Indian Education – National Indian Law Library

ERIC – Education Resources Information Center

Native Americans ERIC Documents
ED021654 – Education for Cross-Cultural Enrichment, Selected Articles from Indian Education 1952-64 (1964)
ED025353 – Answers to your Questions about American Indians (1968)
ED028863 – Indians of the Northwest (1968)
ED028864 – Indians of Oklahoma (1968)
ED028865 – Indians of the Great Lakes Area (1968)
ED028866 – Indians of the Gulf Coast States (1968)
ED028867 – Indians of the Lower Plateau (1968)
ED028868 – Indians of the Dakotas (1968)
ED028869 – Indians of the Central Plains (1968)
ED028870 – Indians, Eskimos and Aleuts of Alaska (1968)
ED028871 – Indians of the Eastern Seaboard (1967)
ED080229 – Indians of New Mexico (1968)
ED026545 – The Education of the American Indians: A Survey of the Literature (1968)
ED034625 – Indian Education: A National Tragedy — A National Challenge (1969)
ED062027 – De-Indianizing the American Indian: An Essay on the Education of the American Indian (1970)
ED104572 – Soldier and Brave: Historic Places Associated with Indian Affairs and the Indian Wars in the Trans-Mississippi West (1971)
ED087583 – The States and their Indian Citizens (1972)
ED108836 – Indians of North Carolina (1972)
ED092279 – A History of Indian Policy (1973)
ED125812 – Indians of Arizona (1973)
ED101904 – Federal and State Indian Reservations and Indian Trust Areas (1974)
ED114218 – The American Indians: Answers to 101 Questions (1974)
ED107420 – Federal Indian Policies …from the Colonial Period through the Early 1970’s (1975)
ED113114 – Legislative Analysis of the Federal Role in Indian Education (1975)
ED184774 – A Brief History of the Federal Responsibility to the American Indians (1979)
ED214711 – Indian Tribes: A Continuing Quest for Survival: A Report (1981)
ED250136 – Guide to Records in the National Archives of the United States Relating to American Indians (1981)
ED249022 – American Indians: U.S. Policy Tribes and Reservations, BIA: Past and Present Economic Development (1984)

Department of the Interior

National Park Service

Archeology Program


Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs – University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

Annual Reports of the Department of the Interior – Hathi Trust Digital Library

Indians at Work – Hathi Trust Digital Library

The Problem of Indian Administration (The Meriam Report) – Hathi Trust Digital Library
The Problem of Indian Administration (The Meriam Report) – National Indian Law Library

Independent Agencies

National Archives and Records Administration

National Endowment for the Humanities

Smithsonian Institution

Codetalkers – National Museum of the American Indian

Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology

Smithsonian Magazine

List of Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology

Oklahoma – History & Culture
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma – History

Chronicles of Oklahoma
Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture

McCasland Digital Collection of Early Oklahoma and Indian Territory Maps – Oklahoma State University

39 Tribes of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Indian Country: One State, Many Nations – The 39 Tribes of Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Tribal Government Websites: History and Culture
Geographic Location of Indian Nations

War & Reconstruction in Indian Territory: A History Conference in Observance of the 130th Anniversary of the Fort Smith Council


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