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All of these U.S. Army Center of Military History (CMH) Series and Collections books on this list can be found at the Online Bookshelves web site. Southeastern has copies of some of these books in print. They are located either on the second floor (900’s) or in the Government Documents area in the basement of the library. There is also a list of U.S. Army and Air Force Commemorative Brochures.


Papuan Campaign: The Buna-Sanananda Operation (16 November 1942 – 23 January 1943)

The Capture of Makin (20-24 November 1943)

The Admiralties: Operations of the 1st Cavalry Division (29 February – 18 May 1944)

Merrill’s Marauders (February – May 1944)

Guam: Operations of the 77th Division (21 July – 10 August 1944)

To Bizerte with the II Corps (23 April – 13 May 1943)

Salerno: American Operations from the Beaches to the Volturno (9 September – 6 October 1943)

From the Volturno to the Winter Line (6 October – 15 November 1943)

Fifth Army at the Winter Line (15 November 1943 – 15 January 1944)

Anzio Beachhead (22 January – 25 May 1944)

Omaha Beachhead (6 June – 13 June 1944)

Utah Beach to Cherbourg (6-27 June 1944)

St-Lo (7 July – 19 July 1944)

Small Unit Actions

ARMY GROUND FORCES STUDIES– The Army Ground Forces Studies (AGF) were prepared during the course of World War II and published immediately thereafter. The objective was to give an account of wartime activities from the Command’s perspective, presenting the difficulties, lessons and mistakes uncovered in its operations. The series was composed of monographs on selected subjects, and of two volumes presenting an overall history. A separate volume was devoted to each of the major subordinate commands. These studies were not intended to be definitive, but rather were regarded as drafts, subject to final editing and revision.

Origins of the Army Ground Forces: General Headquarters: U.S. Army, 1940-1942 by Lt. Col Kent Roberts Greenfield and Dr. Robert R. Palmer (Study No. 1)

A Short History of the Army Ground Forces (Study No. 2)

Ground Forces in the War Army: A Statistical Table by Dr. Robert R. Palmer (Study No. 3)

The Mobilization of the Ground Army by Dr. Robert R. Palmer (Study No. 4)

The Procurement and Branch Distribution of Officers by Major William R. Keast (Study No. 6)

Provision of Enlisted Replacements by Major William R. Keast (Study No. 7)

Reorganization of Ground Troops for Combat by Dr. Robert R. Palmer (Study No. 8)

The Amphibious Training Center by Capt. Marshall O. Becker (Study No. 22)

Training for Mountain and Winter Warfare by Capt. Thomas P. Govan (Study No. 23)

History of the Tenth Light Division (Alpine) (Study No. 28)

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY HISTORICAL SUMMARIES– An overview of the successes and problems of major Army programs during a given Fiscal Year. Fiscal Years 1969-2010


THE ARMY GROUND FORCES (940.541273 UN3A Vol. 1-2)
The Organization of Ground Combat Troops (D 114.7:AR 5/2/2004)
The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops (D 114.7:AR 5/3)

The Organization and Role of the Army Service Forces (D 114.7:AR 5/2017)

Stillwell’s Mission to China
Stillwell’s Command Problems
Time Runs Out in CBI

The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge (940.541273 UN3EA)
Breakout and Pursuit (940.541273 UN3EB) & (D 114.7:EU 7/V.6/2005)
Cross-Channel Attack (940.541273 UN3ECR) & (D 114.7:EU 7/V.2/2011)
The Last Offensive (940.541273 UN3EL)
Logistical Support of the Armies, Volume I: May 1941-September 1944 (940.541273 UN3ELO)
Logistical Support of the Armies, Volume II: September 1944-May 1945   (940.541273 UN3ELO)
The Lorraine Campaign (940.541273 UN3ELOR) & (D 114.7:EU 7/V.1/2007)
The Siegfried Line Campaign (940.541273 UN3ES) & (D 114.7:EU 7/V.7/2017)
The Supreme Command (940.541273 UN3ESU) & (D 114.7:SU 7/2017)
Rivera to the Rhine (940.541273 UN3R)

Northwest Africa: Seizing the Initiative in the West
Sicily and the Surrender of Italy
Salerno to Cassino
Cassino to the Alps

The Persian Corridor and Aid to Russia (940.541273 UN3MI)

PICTORIAL RECORD (940.541273 UN3PI Vol. 1-3)
The War Against Germany and Italy: Mediterranean and Adjacent Areas (D 114.7:P 58/V.1/2005)
The War Against Germany: Europe and Adjacent Areas
The War Against Japan (D 114.7:P 58/V.3/2001); & second edition (D 114.7:P 58/V.3/2006)

SPECIAL STUDIES (940.541273 UN3SP Vol. 1-4, 6-9)
The Women’s Army Corps
Rearming the French (D 114.7:F 88/2017)
Military Relations Between the United States and Canada: 1939-1945
Chronology: 1941-1945
Civil Affairs: Soldiers Become Governors (D 114.7:C 49/2004)
Buying Aircraft: Materiel Procurement for the Army Air Forces
The Employment of Negro Troops
Manhattan: The Army and the Atomic Bomb
Three Battles: Arnaville, Altuzzo, and Schmidt (940.541273 UN3T)
United States Army in World War II: Readers Guide (D 114.7/2:992)


The Chemical Warfare Service: (940.541273 UN3TE V.1)
Organizing the War (D 114.7:C 42/V.1/2004)
From Laboratory to Field (D 114.7:C 42/V.2/2010)
Chemicals in Combat (D 114.7:C 42/V.3/2003)

The Corps of Engineers: (940.541273 UN3TE V.2)
Troops and Equipment
The War Against Japan (D 114.7:EN 3/V.2/2017)
Construction in the United States (D 114.7:EN 3/V.3/2003)
The War Against Germany

The Ordnance Department: (940.541273 UN3TE V.3)
Planning Munitions for War (D 114.7:OR 2/2017)
Procurement and Supply (D 114.7:OR 2/V.2/2003)
On Beachhead and Battlefront (D 114.7:OR 2/V.3/2009)

The Quartermaster Corps: (940.541273 UN3TE V.4)
Organization, Supply, and Services, Volume I
Organization, Supply, and Services, Volume II
Operations in the War Against Japan (D 114.7:Q 2/V.4/2004)
Operations in the War Against Germany (D 114.7:Q 2/V.3/2004)

The Signal Corps: (940.541273 UN3TE V.5)
The Emergency (To December 1941) (D 114.7:SI 2/2/2017)
The Test (December 1941 to July 1943) (D 114.7:SI 2/V.2/2003)
The Outcome (Mid 1943 Through 1945) (D 114.7:SI 2/V.3/2008)

The Transportation Corps: (940.541273 UN3TE V.6)
Responsibilities, Organization, and Operations
Movements, Training and Supply (D 114.7:T 68/V.2/2003)
Operations Overseas (D 114.7:T 68/V.3/2003)

The Medical Department:
Hospitalization and Evacuation, Zone of Interior (940.541273 UN3TE V.7 PT.1) & (D 114.7:M 46/V.1/2013)
Medical Service in the Mediterranean and Minor Theaters (940.541273 UN3TE V.7 PT.2)
Medical Service in the European Theater of Operations (940.547573 C82M)
Medical Service in the War Against Japan (D 114.7:M 46/5)

THE WAR DEPARTMENT (940.541273 UN3S W Vol.1-6)
Chief of Staff: Prewar Plans and Preparations
Washington Command Post: The Operations Division (D 114.7:W 19/V.2/2003)
Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare: 1941-1942 (D 114.7:W 19/V.3/999)
Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare: 1943-1944
Global Logistics and Strategy: 1940-1943
Global Logistics and Strategy: 1943-1945
The Army and Economic Mobilization
The Army and Industrial Manpower (D 114.7:W 19/V.7/2002)

THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC (940.541273 UN3WA Vol. 1-11)
Okinawa: The Last Battle (D 114.7:P 11/V.1/2005)
Guadalcanal: The First Offensive
The Approach of the Philippines
The Fall of the Philippines
Leyte: The Return to the Philippines
Seizure of the Gilberts and Marshalls
Victory in Papua (D 114.7:P 11/V.7/2003)
Cartwheel: The Reduction of Rabaul
Campaign in the Marianas
Strategy and Command: The First Two Years (D 114.7:P 11/V.10/2000)
Triumph in the Philippines

THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE (940.541273 UN3WE Vol. 1-2)
The Framework of Hemisphere Defense
Guarding the United States and Its Outposts


Policy and Direction: The First Year by James F. Schnabel
South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu by Roy E. Appleman
Truce Tent and Fight Front by Walter G. Hermes (951.9042 H42T) & (D 114.2:K 84/2/v.2/2005)
Ebb and Flow by Billy C. Mossman (951.9042 M85E)

Advice and Support: The Early Years, 1941-1960 (959.7043373 SP3A)
Advice and Support: The Final Years, 1965-1973 (959.70438 C55A)
Combat Operations: Taking the Offensive, May 1965 to October 1966 (959.7043373 M17C)
Combat Operations: Stemming the Tide, May 1965 to October 1966 (D 114.7/3:C 73/2)

Engineers at War (959.70434 T67E)
Macv: The Joint Command in the Years of Escalation, 1962-1967 (959.70438 C82M)
Macv: The Joint Command in the Years of Withdrawal, 1968-1973 (959.70438 C82MA)
Military Communications: A Test for Technology (959.70438 B45M)
Public Affairs: The Military and the Media, 1962-1968 (D 114.7/3:P 96/962-68)
Public Affairs: The Military and the Media, 1968-1973 (D 114.7/3:P 96/968-73)


Airmobility 1961-1971 by Lieutenant General John J. Tolson

Allied Participation in Vietnam by Lieutenant General Stanley Robert Larsen and Brigadier General James Lawton Collins, Jr.

Base Development in South Vietnam, 1965-1970 by Lieutenant General Carroll H. Dunn

Cedar Falls-Junction City: A Turning Point by Lieutenant General Bernard William Rogers

Command and Control, 1950-1969 by Major General George S. Eckhardt

Communications-Electronics, 1962-1970 by Major General Thomas Matthew Rienzi

The Development and Training of the South Vietnamese Army 1950-1972 by Brigadier General James Lawton Collins, Jr.

Division-Level Communication 1962-1973 by Lieutenant General Charles R. Myer (D 101.74:C 73/5/962-73)

Dust Off: Army Aeromedical Evacuation in Vietnam

Field Artillery, 1954-1973 by Major General David Ewing Ott (D 114.2:V 67/3)

The Final Collapse

Financial Management of the Vietnam Conflict 1962-1972 by Major General Leonard B. Taylor

Law at War – Vietnam 1964-1973 by Major General George S. Prugh

Logistic Support by Lieutenant General Joseph M. Heiser, Jr.

Medical Support of the U.S. Army in Vietnam, 1965-1970 by Major General Spurgeon Neel

The Modern Volunteer Army Program: The Benning Experiment, 1970-1972

Mounted Combat in Vietnam by General Donn A. Starry

Reorganizing for Pacification Support

Riverine Operations 1966-1969 by Major General William B. Fulton

The Role of Military Intelligence, 1965-1967 by Major General Joseph A. McChristian

Sharpening the Combat Edge: The Use of Analysis to Reinforce Military Judgment

Tactical and Materiel Innovation by Lieutenant General Julian J. Ewell and Major General Ira A. Hunt, Jr.

U.S. Army Engineers, 1965-1970 by Major General Robert R. Ploger

U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam: 1961-1971

Vietnam from Cease-Fire to Capitulation

The War in the Northern Provinces 1966-1968 by Lieutenant General Willard Pearson


German Antiguerrilla Operations in the Balkans (1941-1944) (D 114.19/3:G 31/7)
The German Campaigns in the Balkans
Airborne Operations: A German Appraisal (D 114.19/3:Ai 7)
Rear Area Security in Russia: The Soviet Second Front behind the German Lines (D 114.19/3:Se 2)


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