Dr. Mac, Students Attend OAS Field Meeting

EOSC-Idabel group at Beaver’s Bend SP. From left to right: Front Row:
Jared Mahaffey, Kylie Brecheisen, Dr. Mac, Trevor Turner; Back row: Isabella Di Bucci, Tonya Underwood, Sandra Chavez.

Dr. Chris McAllister, Professor at Eastern-MCC and some of his Fall 2018 semester biology and zoology students attended the Oklahoma Academy of Science Field Meeting on 22 September 2018 at Beaver’s Bend State Park.

Ninety-four students and several mentors from various Oklahoma colleges and universities attended.  The purpose of the meeting was to teach students field techniques in aquatic invertebrates, botany, entomology, fermentation, geology, herpetology, ichthyology, mammalogy, mycology, and ornithology.

Kylie Brecheisen and Trevor Turner seining fish with 30’ seine.

Dr. Mac and his crew led the ichthyology field trip. They were successful in seining several fishes, including logperches, brook silversides, longear sunfishes, largemouth basses, grass pickerel, bluegill, and mosquitofishes.

In addition, they observed a Sequoyah slimy salamander, Plethodon sequoyah, which occurs nowhere else on Earth except at Beaver’s Bend.  Students gained an appreciation of the ecology and natural history of many animals and generally had a great time in the outdoors.

Crew preparing to count fish.

Best find of trip, Sequoyah slimy salamander, Plethodon sequoyah. An endemic salamander found nowhere else on Earth!

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