McAllister and colleagues conduct summer research

Parasitology group at biological station. From left to right: Dr. Stan Trauth (retired, ASU); Dr. Chris McAllister (EOSC-Idabel); Dr. T. J. Fayton (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, PA); Dr. Don Cloutman (retired, Kansas); and Dr. Vasyl Tkach (U. North Dakota). Photo by Dr. Trauth.

Dr. Chris McAllister (EOSC Biology Professor) and 4 renowned colleagues conducted research (Mac III) on fish and turtle parasites in north-central Arkansas, May 26-June 3, 2018.  The group stayed at the George Harp ASU Biological Station run by the National Park Service near Rush, Ark.

Boat shocking with AG&F on the White River. Photo by Dr. Mac.

Several new fish parasites were discovered as well as collaboration with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AG&F) out of Mountain Home, Ark.  Boat shocking was done with the assistance of the AG&F on Crooked Creek and the White River.  Many specimens were collected and processed at the station and the trip was a great success!  The group plans to meet for Mac IV at historic Reelfoot Lake in northwestern Tennessee next summer.

Moxostoma sucker fish collected for parasites from Crooked Creek. Photo by Dr. Mac.

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