Native American Symposium

2007-Seventh Symposium


Seventh Native American Symposium
Sixty-Seven Nations and Counting

Southeastern Oklahoma State University
November 1-2, 2007

Featured Speaker

Rennard Strickland

Southeastern Oklahoma State University invites the community, the Indian Nations, students, scholars, educators, and all who are interested in studying and sharing the experience of the largest cultural minority in Oklahoma to attend the Seventh Native American Symposium: Sixty-Seven Nations and Counting. This event features presentations on Native American literature, history, sociology, politics, education, science, art, and film. Scholars, artists, and members of Indian Nations from across the United States and beyond will come together to discuss topics related to the Native American experience. All symposium sessions except for the keynote banquet are free and open to the public.


A legal historian of Osage and Cherokee heritage, Rennard Strickland has had a very distinguished academic career as a professor of Native American law and law school dean at numerous universities, including most recently the University of Oregon, Oklahoma City University, and the University of Oklahoma, where he served as founding director of the Center for the Study of American Indian Law and Policy. He is also the author or editor of more than thirty books directed at both academic and popular audiences, such as Tonto’s Revenge: Reflections on American Indian Culture and Policy, Fire and the Spirits: Cherokee Law from Clan to Court, The Indians in Oklahoma: Newcomers to a New Land, and The Handbook of Federal Indian Law. He is the first person to have served as both president of the Association of American Law Schools and as chair of the Law School Admissions Council, and he is only person to have received both the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) Award and the American Bar Association’s Spirit of Excellence Award. In addition to his legal and historical interests, Professor Strickland is also an avid collector of Native American art
and a major donor to a number of museums.







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Brochure for Seventh Native American Symposium

The Native American Symposium is made possible in part by a SOSU Cultural and Scholastic Lectureship Grant, a fund derived from student fees. Jerod Tate’s appearance has been sponsored by the SOSU Musical Arts Series and the Red River Arts Council, and Rennard Strickland’s presence is supported by the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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  • Dr. Claire Stubblefield, Director, Office of Diversity
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