Native American Symposium

2009-Eighth Native American Symposium and Film Festival: “Images, Imaginations, and Beyond”

November 4-6, 2009

Keynote Speaker

Heather Rae

The Keynote speaker this year is the Cherokee film director and producer Heather Rae. Her best known work is the feature film Frozen River set in a Mohawk reservation on the Canadian border, which earned two Academy Award nominations last year. In 2005 she premiered the documentary Trudell on the Native American poet John Trudell at the Sundance Film Festival, and she has worked on more than a dozen other documentary films inclucing 500 Nations, The Native Americans, and Storytellers of the Pacific.


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  • Ms. Camille Phelps, Multicultural Coordinator
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  • Dr. Claire Stubblefield, Director, Office of Diversity
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