Native American Symposium

1997-Proceedings of the Second Native American Symposium

  • Front Cover, Table of Contents
      Contains front cover and table of contents, and a Preface by Robin L. Murry; an Indroduction by Annette Trefzer, and an Acknowledgements page.
  • Part 1: Native American Voices in the Museum
      Contains Reclaiming Artifacts Through Oral History, by Clifford Crane Bear; Native American Voices in the Museum: The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Enters a New Century, by Annette B. Fromom
  • Part 2: Native American Literature
      Contains Ephanie’s Vision Quest: Blending Native American and Feminist Elements, by Barbara Jean Cook; Life Stories by and Cherokee Dreamer: John Oskison’s Historical Writings, by Melissa Hearn
  • Part 3: Native American History and Mythology
      John Collier and the Controiversial Resignation of Indian Commissioner Charles Burke, 1921-1929, by Ginger R. Davis; Reclaiming the Feminine in the Chitimacha Creation Myth, by Carlon Andre and Carole McAllister
  • Part 4: Native American Languages
      Contains Sam Kenoi’s “Coyote and the Whitemen” : Contact in and out of a Chiricahua Narrative, by Anthony K. Webster; Language in Mari Sandoz’s Crazy Horse, by Kimberli Lee
  • Part 5: Oral History and Tradition
      Contains “The King of the Waters” : Legends of the Horned Water Serpent, by Deborah Mitchell; A Choctaw Oral Tradition: The Holisso Holitopa of Chata Immataha
  • Notes on Contributors