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Education professor publishes monograph on “Social Media, Public Schools and the Law’’

SMcovershotDURANT, Okla. – Southeastern Oklahoma State University professor Stewart Mayers’ monograph on “Social Media, Public Schools, and the Law’’ has been published by the Education Law Association (ELA). The monograph will soon be available at

The monograph is a 76-page document that provides in-depth discussion about the variety of legal issues faced by public schools relevant to employee and student social media usuage.

“The focus (of the monograph) is to provide a summary of the current law as it applies to social media in schools,’’ Dr. Mayers said. “In addition, I hope to provide guidance to public schools as they attempt to write policy concerning student and employee usage of social media.’’

Mayers joined the Southeastern faculty in 2001. He earned his Ed.D. at the University at Georgia; his M.Ed. at Southeastern; and his B.A. at Baylor University. He is a professor in the Educational Instruction and Leadership Department.

ELA was founded in 1954 as the National Organization on Legal Problems in Education.  The membership of the organization is comprised of attorneys who practice school law, professors who teach public school law courses, and school administrators.  In addition, there are student members (in most cases, students working on doctorates in school law). One service of the organization is to provide publications that are used through the education law community: by attorneys, school administrators and as supplemental texts in school law courses.

To gain approval for publication, authors must submit a proposal to the publications committee (composed of members representing all three constituencies – lawyers, professors, administrators), which reviews the submission for relevance to current issues in Ed law.  If the topic is of sufficient interest to proceed, the committee requires submission of a sample chapter.