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Local educator-SE grad authors children’s book

Beth Bean reads to a class of students in Durant.

DURANT, Okla. – Two Southeastern Oklahoma State University graduates have teamed up to write and illustrate a children’s book.

The author is Beth Bean, a Broken Bow native who graduated from Southeastern in 2006 with an Elementary Education degree and later a master’s in Educational Administration. She has been in public education for 13 years, and currently serves as Director of Elementary Education for Durant Public Schools.

The illustrator — Jeremy Lytle of Atoka  – earned a biology degree at Southeastern in 2016.

Titled The Stinky Thinky Tale, the book follows the story of Petunia Skunk, who has a hopelessly out of control tail.  Through the help of Mrs. Whooo, her loveable, intelligent classroom teacher, Petunia Skunk learns about her brain and how she does possess the ability to take control of her tail.  The book is the first in the Brain Buddy Adventures series.

“Social/emotional learning is a huge buzzword right now in the child development field, but many educators and parents do not have resources to introduce best practices in the classroom or at home,’’ Bean said. “It is the goal of this series to help bridge the gap between academic research and real life application.’’

Bean hopes that through the magic of a book, children will internalize the social/emotional learning tenets of self-awareness and self-management and that the book will become a tool for teachers in the classroom and parents at home.

“It was really important in the design of the book to make the text and illustrations accessible and engaging to students and adults,’’ she said. “The book also offers, through its website —  — a free teaching guide to educators or parents to give ideas for extension activities after reading the book.’’

The Stinky Thinky Tale is available on Amazon in a paperback print edition.