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Southeastern Professional Development group identifies issues, presents action plans

Southeastern Professional Development group identifies issues, presents action plans

Press Release Date: 12-2-2011

Dr. Judith Block McLaughlin emphasizes a point during a professional development session.

DURANT, Okla. – Communication-connection, morale, marketing, identity, and campus beautification were among the many themes addressed as part of the ongoing Southeastern Oklahoma State University Professional Development Program. Also discussed were scenarios concerning an organizational restructuring at the University.

A broad-based group of some 90 Southeastern administrators, faculty, staff, and students participated in three separate professional development sessions, held June 21, September 30, and November 10-12.

Assisting at some of the sessions were facilitators from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. That group included Dr. Joseph Zolner, Senior Director of Higher Education Programs; Dr. Judith Block McLaughlin, Senior Director of Higher Education Programs and Senior Lecturer on Education; and Dr. James Honan, Senior Lecturer on Education.

Participants were involved in both large and small group discussions. Each small group was charged with raising an issue or concern and then formulating an action plan to address that particular issue. The groups also offered input on changes to the organizational structure at the University.

“Over the last few years, Southeastern has made a significant institutional commitment to leadership development as a way to fuel its transformational change work,” Zolner said. “The recent three-day program was an important opportunity for the University to continue to develop a compelling future vision and enlist the support of multiple campus constituencies to pursue an exciting set of institutional goals and aspirations. In my view, Southeastern’s change process is off to a strong and promising start. Given the palpable energy and interest I experienced during my time on campus, I’m confident that great things await the university.”

“We believe it was a very beneficial process,” said Southeastern president Larry Minks. “Through this process, we have gained different perspectives and ideas on how we can all work together as we continue to move forward as a University. The real work is just beginning as we look at implementing some of the initiatives or action plans. We all know that higher education faces some unique challenges and this process is a strategic way to address both the present and the future.”

As the action plans are more fully completed, additional details and information will be provided. Funding for the Southeastern Professional Development Program was made possible by external donor sources.