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Choctaw Language Department Announces Teacher Education Scholarship

Choctaw Language Department Announces Teacher Education Scholarship

Press Release Date: 1-24-2011

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Language Department is making available a great opportunity for hard-working students. The Chahta Anumpa Teacher Eduation Scholarship provides a full scholarship to a dedicated and capable Choctaw individual who is interested in completing a Teacher Education program while working closely with the School of Choctaw Language. Upon certification, the student will become a Choctaw Language Teacher.

“We’re looking for students who have a CDIB, have an interest in teacher education and who wants to be a Choctaw Language teacher,” said Choctaw Language Director Jim Parrish. The School of Choctaw Language is looking for individuals who are committed in furthering their education as well as learning in depth about Choctaw language and culture. “Our purpose is to train people to become Choctaw Language teachers,” said Parrish. “We now offer 18 hours of Choctaw Language credit at Southeastern, so the appropriate training is available.”

The requirements for receiving the Chahta Anumpa Teacher Education Scholarship are as follows: the student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, maintain full-time student status, have a Choctaw CDIB, work part-time at the Language School, attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Okla., take 18 hours of Choctaw Language and take six hours of approved English courses.

“We would like for the student to already have some Choctaw language experience, whether learned at school or in the home,” explained Parrish. The course work for this scholarship must lead to a Bachelor’s Degree in Education within the awarded time, and participants will be selected by the Scholarship Committee. According to Parrish, “there is a process in choosing the candidate for this scholarship. We will make our choices then conduct interviews with the finalists.”

A detail of importance concerning this scholarship the Choctaw Language Department wants to remind applicants is “it’s not limited to incoming freshmen,” stressed Parrish. “All Choctaw educations majors working towards their teaching degree are encouraged to apply.”

This scholarship provided by the School of Choctaw Language includes full tuition paid which includes tuition, fees, books, a living stipend of $1,500 per month, tutoring, testing fees, relocation assistance stipend (if necessary) and lap-top computer and printer. After the recipient of this scholarship has gained his or her teaching certification from the State Department of Education, he or she must teach in the Choctaw Nation School of Choctaw Language for five consecutive years.

The purpose of working closely with the School of Choctaw Langauge is to “get a good idea about what’s involved in being a Choctaw Language teacher and working with the department every day,” said Parrish. “They will gain experience working firsthand with our teachers who are native Choctaw speakers, and they have the opportunity to learn a lot.”

The application and related information concerning the Chahta Anumpa Teacher Education Scholarship can be found on the Choctaw Language website at The scholarship will be awarded to one individual and will begin in the fall semester of 2011 at SOSU. The application deadline for the scholarship is March 1, 2011. If you have further questions, please call Jim Parrish, Language Director, at 1-800-522-6170, ex. 2250.