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Textbook Rentals Come to The SE Bookstore

Textbook Rentals Come to The SE Bookstore

Press Release Date: 7-14-2011

This Fall, Southeastern Oklahoma State University will become part of a select group of colleges/universities offering students a textbook rental program. This opportunity is made possible thanks to a partnership forged between the Southeastern administration and the SE bookstore, managed by Barnes & Noble. With textbook rentals, students can realize tremendous savings, paying less than half of what they would to purchase a new, printed textbook.

This multi-channel program allows students to rent their books either in the store or from the bookstore’s website, whichever is most convenient for them. Rental fees can be paid for using any form of tender (excluding Paypal) currently accepted by the bookstore, this includes student financial aid. Note: a valid credit card # is required for security. While not every textbook title is included in the rental program, over 100 titles are available for rent.

The rental terms and conditions were designed to give students maximum convenience and flexibility. For example, moderate highlighting and note-taking are permitted and students have until the last day of finals to return their rented textbooks. Books can be returned to the bookstore in person or through the mail. If a book is not returned or is returned in unusable condition, replacement and processing fees are charged to the credit card on file for that student.

More information about the textbook rental program is available at the bookstore or on its website