Southeastern Staff Association

About SSA


The purpose of the Southeastern Staff Association is to enable non-faculty employees to participate effectively in the achievement of the goals of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new staff members and remind “all us old” staff members of the many benefits of being a member of the SSA:


  1. All staff employees are automatically a member;
  2. No dues or fees;
  3. A way to get to know other staff members on campus;
  4. An opportunity to contribute to the university and community; and
  5. A vehicle to voice suggestions or concerns regarding your employment here at Southeastern.

The representatives meet once a month. All staff members are always encouraged to attend these meetings.

Executive Officers

President: Dyanna Bowen

President-Elect: Teena Harlin

Treasurer: Danna Collins

Secretary: Brandi Burkhalter

Past President/Historian: Jason Hicks


Professional: Jennifer Arnold & Matt Morris

Secretarial/Clerical: Melissa Rice & Teresa Anderson

Service: Gingerlei Waddell and Rodney Jeffries