Meeting minutes, August 6th

Meeting minutes for August 6 meeting (Printer Friendly)

Call to order: 2:03pm

Introduction of SSA Executive Council by Dyanna Bowen

Introduction of President Burrage

  • Spoke about 3.5% cut which is $693,000
  • 2 million deficit
  • Raised tuition by 5%
  • New Director of Marketing-Larry Acker
  1. How to bring general awareness to new employees and current of SSA-ideas, such as an SE mug.
  • Newsletter
  • Personal call
  • New hire orientation-once a year or more
  • Letter
  • List once a month from HR of new hires and make a call-someone from hiring department.
  • Take them to lunch

Make everyone aware of the Care Team, when making them aware of SSA. Informed everyone to email by Penny Bridwell about care team.

  1. Donations for SSA
  • Fundraising ideas-adult Easter egg hunt, passing something around from office to office and paying to get rid of it, such as, a clown for homecoming.
  • Plant sale
  1. New Business
  • Homecoming Oct. 2-3-Circus theme-Greatest Place on Earth
  • Future of SE-kids for homecoming parade. Christala Smith?
  • Pictures for online directory.
  1. Telecommunications take pictures.
  2. Pictures are for identification purposes.
  3. Dan set up at faculty/staff campus address.
  4. Penny Bridwell made a motion to for everyone to have pictures taken.
  5. Teena Harlin made a second motion.
  6. Motion carried.
  • Backpack Program-FFF
  • Would like to form a salary review committee
  1. Form a committee to contact sister institutions to see how they handle salaries.
  2. Possible step raises for years of service.
  3. There is not increase for completing advanced degree.
  4. Tuition waivers for graduate programs for staff are taxed.

Penny Bridwell made a motion to adjourn meeting.

Teresa made a second motion.

Meeting adjourned at 2:43pm





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