Outstanding Southeastern Alumni Profiles

Alisa Dorman


Alisa Dorman knew she wanted to work with children when she enrolled at Southeastern. For the past 20 years, she has been using the experience she acquired at SOSU to do just that. She is currently the executive director for the Office of Literacy at the Colorado Department of Education. Her duties include overseeing the allocation of $40 million of appropriated funds to support literacy for kindergarten through third grade students, a project that will result in the reduction of students at risk for reading difficulties, and promote students to achieve grade-level reading competency.

“I received what I needed to be an educator at Southeastern,” she said. “When I graduated, I felt I had a strong grasp on workforce readiness.”

Dorman received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 1990 and her master of education degree in reading and school counseling in 1995, both from Southeastern. Upon graduating, she spent seven years as a teacher, first as an intermediate schoolteacher in Sherman, and then as a kindergarten teacher in Durant.

Her career transitioned into administration at the Oklahoma Department of Education where she oversaw early childhood family education and subsequently directed the federal reading initiative, Reading First. From there, she joined Dynamic Measurement Group, an education research and development organization based in Oregon, to serve as director of training.

As a Southeastern alumnus who has realized her dreams, she said, “I believe in what I am doing and that brings me joy. If I didn’t believe we could do something better for kids, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Dorman was an active student at SOSU, both in academics and in student life. She describes herself as a “nutty, loved-it-all kind of student.” She was a member of the Oklahoma Student Education Association, Delta Kappa Pi, Cardinal Key and Circle K. She was also in the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, the Order of Omega, and a Super Savage Leader.

Her involvement on campus has created memories that have lasted many years after graduation. She remembers all of the excitement surrounding homecoming; planning for it, building a float with her sorority, and being a part of all the energy the student body put into the game festivities. These social moments are what she remembers most from her time at Southeastern.

She says that through these experiences she learned leadership skills that have really served me well and supported me in the long term. Southeastern was a perfect choice for Dorman. Originally from Bokchito, OK, the proximity to campus made Southeastern a great choice for her transition into university life. She also liked other aspects that contributed to her experience at Southeastern as well.

“I think the size of the college offers a lot to its student body,” she said. “SOSU feels like a community unto itself and offers a lot of support.”

Dorman made the most of her time at college. She gained knowledge and experience, and she engaged with the campus life around her. Even more, she took what she learned and is actively giving back to a cause she is passionate about. She attributes her time at Southeastern as a huge factor in her success, and she says to prospective students of the experiences they are seeking, “Regardless of your major or area of interest, Southeastern has a lot to offer.”