Outstanding Southeastern Alumni Profiles

Dr. Ryan Brown

Dr. Ryan Brown, a native of Hartshorne, Okla., graduated from Southeastern in 1997 before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine to become a pediatrician.  Brown is now a clinical associate professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and a pediatrician at the Oklahoma University Children’s Hospital.  While at medical school, Brown said he felt compelled to care for children. Before this, he discovered his passion for the sciences at Southeastern.


Ryan Brown enrolled at Southeastern in 1994 with his twin brother Mark. Both played for the Southeastern football team, known as the Savages at the time.   That team would go on to win the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Conference championship in 1995 before the university athletics program moved to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.  Mark graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biological sciences in 1997, and their older sister, Marianne Akins, graduated in 1992 with a bachelor of science degree in business administration.


Brown played wide receiver, but after a year on the team, he decided to concentrate on his studies. He majored in chemistry and biology and became deeply immersed in his academic career. A member of the Blue Key and Alpha Chi honor societies, Brown graduated summa cum laude.  Brown said his success as a physician is directly related to his experience at Southeastern.  Southeastern provided Brown the education and resources he needed to achieve his goals in pediatrics.


“The professors had more of a one-on-one vested interest in me and my education,” he said. “I wasn’t just a name on the class roll.  I’m kind of a competitive person.  I would put my education at Southeastern up against anybody that I went to medical school with.”


Brown contributed to the Southeastern campus community not only by his athletic and academic accomplishments, but also by his support of friends in the art department by attending their concerts, exhibits and performances.  This type of mutual support and varied interests fostered Brown’s growth as a well-rounded college student, he said.


“At Southeastern, you get to be a real person,” he said, “not just a face in a crowd.”


Brown enjoys his day-to-day responsibilities in pediatric emergency care. He finds the care he provides children at the hospital very rewarding.


“When you finally get that kid to smile, it really makes your job worthwhile,” he said.


Southeastern gave him what he needed to succeed as a college student and a professional. He recommends the university to any potential applicants looking for an individualized college experience.  According to Dr. Brown, Southeastern let’s you be you.