Outstanding Southeastern Alumni Profiles

Rebecca Gordon

Rebecca Gordon

            by Kameron Dunn, student writing intern

Rebecca Gordon, an August 2016 graduate of the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Honors Program with a double major in English/History, was offered admission and a graduate assistantship to Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science in Boston, Mass.  This is the top-ranked library school in the country for her desired specialty, according to Dr. Meg Cotter-Lynch, the Honors Program director. Admission to this school is very competitive.  Gordon is a graduate of Wayne High School, a relatively small Oklahoma school, which influenced her decision to choose Southeastern.

“I decided to attend Southeastern because of the small class sizes and the absence of the ‘face in the crowd’ phenomena,” Gordon said. “During my visits to Southeastern, I liked how the size of the campus encouraged a sense of community while also allowing one to encounter a variety of people and perspectives which is an instrumental part of the college experience.”

When asked how Southeastern has prepared her for her career goals, she cited the courses here as a strong tool. “My courses at Southeastern helped prepare me for graduate school by improving my ability to write and think critically,” Gordon said. “Being able to write well and form a logical argument is fundamental for my career plans and is also applicable to many other careers.”

Gordon was active on campus in the Honors Program, Alpha Chi, and Phi Alpha Theta. In addition, she has served as an intern at the Museum of Southern Oklahoma in Madill. Her duties included doing inventory for the museum, cataloging items and eventually digitizing the records of the collection.  She has co-written a grant with the curator of the museum for improvements to the museum. Gordon was prepared for this task by taking a course in grant writing offered by the English department in fall 2014.

“My internship has been an excellent opportunity to learn more about museum work, grant writing, and the importance of various types of communication,” Gordon said. “Therefore, I have been able to apply both my coursework in English and history to my work at my internship.”

Gordon is quick to point out that her advisors and professors have been extremely helpful during her collegiate career. She says they have encouraged her to try new courses revealing passions like Shakespeare and non-fiction writing that she never knew she had.

“I would encourage future and current Southeastern students to take classes outside of their traditional interests as they may discover a talent or passion for a new area of interest that will positively influence their future plans,” Gordon said.

Ultimately, she believes that Southeastern has an excellent atmosphere that promotes individual attention from professors and helps encourage students to discover new interests, talents and perspectives.  On the topic of motivation, she has an insightful stance that we could all benefit from.

“My family motivates me to succeed in school and other areas of life,” she said. “However, I have also found that having short-term and long-term goals is beneficial to success in school as well as life.  By having short-term goals, I am able to effectively cope with setbacks and keep working toward my long-term goals.”

With that outlook, Rebecca Gordon is destined to be successful.