Outstanding Southeastern Faculty & Staff

Stewart Mayers

“Educating the Educators”

By Maddison Poteet, student writing intern

Dr. Robert Stewart Mayers, III began his career at Lone Grove (Oklahoma) High School teaching math, world history and three levels of German.  After teaching in public schools, he focused his studies and career on preparing prospective teachers and administrators.  Following this calling to work with future educators, he found Southeastern. Now a faculty member for 16 years, Dr. Mayers is a professor in the Educational Instruction and Leadership (EIL) department. He teaches both undergraduate and master’s level classes, and is currently working toward the re-accreditation of SE’s master’s degree in educational leadership.

Dr. Mayers, who gets his name from his great grandfather, is a native of Arlington, Texas. He graduated from high school there with a class of approximately 500 students, “a small number, compared to the size of the high schools in Arlington today,” he said.     

He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Baylor University and nearly graduated with another degree in German, but stopped one credit short, although looking back, he isn’t quite sure why.  Mayers then earned a master’s degree in mathematics education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

This allowed him to pursue his passion of teaching, a career he loves.  To further his career, he attended the University of Oklahoma before eventually earning his doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Georgia.

Mayers taught at Lone Grove for five years before making the decision to focus his studies in the supervision of teaching and public school law.   He chose these fields to help educators and administrators make legal and ethically defensible decisions in schools.  Through his research and inquiry, he believes he has been able to help improve the public school environment, something he is clearly passionate about.

An avid researcher, his major areas of focus are on transgender rights and social media usage. He is primarily concerned with Title IX transgender issues, and the social media usage patterns of both students and educators.  He has co-authored three books, written two book chapters, a monograph addressing the legal issues of social media usage and public schools, and numerous journal articles. A prolific writer, he is currently preparing two manuscripts for publication.

Mayers mentors other instructors in the EIL department, addressing their concerns on topics that include how to handle various classroom situations and how to accomplish your goals as a teacher and for your students.

When asked what he would tell a prospective student about Southeastern, Mayers said, “We have a very caring faculty and small class sizes.  It’s a big advantage for students to have professors who know them and are able to interact with them one-on-one.”

Outside of his departmental work at the university, Mayers presents at conferences throughout the country and works closely with the Southeastern Honors Program, serving as a faculty interviewer/essay grader for Honors Day.  He serves as a regional reporter for the School Law Reporter, the flagship publication of the Education Law Association.  Mayers and his wife live in the Durant area. His wife teaches eighth grade United States History in Sherman, Tex.