Outstanding Southeastern Student Profiles

Brooke Glory


Brooke Lauren Glory is a senior history major, with a Native Studies and Spanish minor, at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. An Achille High School graduate, she chose to attend SE due to the small class sizes and proximity to home. She is involved in the Native American Institute, Alpha Chi, Cardinal Key and Phi Alpha Theta.

Recently named the new manager of the Panola District Senior Center for the Chickasaw Nation, Brooke is already becoming a success in her endeavors. She has been accepted into SE’s graduate school and intends to pursue a Master of Science in Native American Leadership. In the future, she hopes to teach in higher education.  When asked how she felt SE prepared her for her career, Brooke was sincere about her experience.

“I feel like the education I have received at Southeastern is well rounded and has effectively prepared me to critically analyze any problems that should arise in my career,” she said. “From long nights of studying to the long awaited posting of grades, I have had innumerable supporters (shout-outs to Becky McClain and Dennis Miles). The support staff at Southeastern is key to the education it offers.”

Looking back on her time at Southeastern, Brooke recalls traveling with the university to Portland, Ore. in the fall of 2015. She, along with Sharon Morrison, Chris Wesberry, and Dr. Alistair Maeer, presented at the Native American Indian Education Conference.

“While traveling together we had many great moments of laughter that I will always cherish,” she said.  “I am so very happy that I chose Southeastern; the people on campus really care about the student experience.”

As Brooke reflected on her experience, she fondly remembers three special professors who contributed to her personal experience while working towards her degree. “Kim McGehee’s valuable life lessons will always stick with me,” she said.  “Dr. Maeer’s guidance has helped me achieve so much in my undergraduate career and Chris Wesberry embodies the spirit of SE and always made me feel like a priority as a Native American student.”

When the topic of motivation came up, Brooke was quick to respond. “I strive to set a good example for my six-year-old daughter, Ridlee. She and my husband Lane are my constant motivators in life,” she said.

Relating her philosophy on success, she noted that success is certainly not the most important thing, but it is a goal she will always work towards in any aspect of her life.  With that attitude, there are no limits to the success Brooke Glory will achieve.