Outstanding Southeastern Student Profiles

Crystal Klaver


Talk to Crystal Klaver for any length of time and you will learn one thing for certain; her aspiration to make a difference extends well beyond teaching in the classroom.

As a student, a student worker, and a wildlife rehabilitator, Klaver does not stray from hard work. Currently a senior at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, she is a double English Education and Spanish major, with the goal of teaching as a career. She has worked on campus for the last six semesters as an English tutor in the Learning Center. As a tutor, Klaver has the opportunity to teach remedial classes, which she has done for five semesters. She also worked at Southeastern for the Department of Continuing Education as an English as a Second Language teacher. This position allowed her to work with individuals in the community, helping expand their knowledge of the English language.

Klaver graduated from Atoka High School in 2011. Following her graduation, she decided to attend SE and stay close to home, and to her father, with who she is very close. “It was the best decision that I ever made,” she said of her decision to attend SE.

An active student, Klaver is the president of Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish Honorary Society, and is also a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honorary Society. Upon graduating from SE, she hopes to continue her leadership role in the classroom as a high school English, Spanish, or ESL teacher. Klaver plans on attending graduate school, but is still determining which school will be the best fit for her career and lifestyle.

When asked how Southeastern has prepared her for her career, Klaver was adamant about the impact her school has had on her future plans.

“Southeastern has prepared me to become a teacher who makes a difference. The teaching experiences and opportunities that I have had at SE have expunged any doubts that I had about pursuing a degree in Education,” Klaver said, “I have had the opportunity to see just how rewarding teaching can be before even finishing my degree.”

The first-class student continued her admiration for Southeastern with a glowing recommendation. Small class sizes, a strong support system, and culture diversity are standout qualities of SE according to Klaver.

“The staff members in the Learning Center and in the English, Humanities, and Languages Department have been more than bosses or professors, Klaver said, “they have been some of the best mentors (and friends) that I have had.”

A licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Klaver has an adoration for animals, which was realized growing up on a farm. With a license to rehabilitate wildlife, she is allowed to possess animals as long as they need care, then she releases them. Klaver has raised and cared for pigs, goats, calves, deer, raccoons, squirrels, kittens, bunnies, and numerous other animals. Although she does not get paid, and has to “care-take” from her own pocket, the SE senior sees the rewards going beyond monetary value.

The bond and care Klaver has for animals often finds itself on the grounds of SE. “I actually bring a squirrel with me to class almost every time that I have a baby squirrel. They are smaller than the average adult’s thumb when they are babies, and they eat approximately every 2.5 hours,” she said. “Between school and work, I don’t have much time to run home during the day for feedings. I usually bring them with me since it is more convenient.”

Visibly, the animal caretaker is already beginning to leave her mark on the world. With a hopeful future as a high school teacher, the Atoka native has big dreams to make a difference in the lives of students, community members, and maybe even a baby squirrel or two.

Profile By Maddison Poteet