Outstanding Southeastern Student Profiles

Gideon Echefu

Gideon Echefu

Gideon Echefu Chibeuze is a freshman computer science major at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. An international student and native of Nigeria, he chose to attend SE for multiple reasons, including the similarities in weather between fall in Oklahoma and fall in Nigeria.

Gideon began his search for schools in the United States last year and was accepted at four colleges. He decided to ask sensible questions of each institution to find the best fit for him.

“I was given the privilege to talk to Dr. Su, who is now my professor, and he told me a lot about studying computer science at SE,” Gideon said. “He also told me about the small class sizes and the ability to interact with your professors in class.”

Gideon acknowledges that he is the kind of person who loves social interaction in the classroom. He admitted that he does not function to his full potential in an overpopulated classroom; a problem he has not encountered at SE.

Gideon works in the Telecommunication Department on campus, and hopes to work with the United States Army after graduation. Eventually, he plans to continue his education in graduate school.

When asked what motivates him to succeed in school and all areas of life, Gideon says he relies on God, his mother’s prayer and the struggles in his home country of Nigeria.

“Remembering the struggle in Africa as a whole gives me more zeal to study hard so that I can make a positive impact on the African continent and to my home country of Nigeria,” Gideon says.

Gideon says that Southeastern is a place where your dreams can easily come true, and where the faculty and staff are always ready to help you when you are stressed.

“I remember when I first came here I missed my home,” he said. “But, some certain people made sure I felt comfortable, including my friends Kelvin, Amanda Sue, Elisia, the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) students, and the Office of Admissions and Recruitment staff who are simply the best.”

Gideon says the biggest cultural differences he has experienced here are the food, the way people dress, the sports and equal rights.