Outstanding Southeastern Student Profiles

Milena Vitez


Milena Vitez is a senior psychology major and health, physical education and recreation (HPER) minor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She is an international student and native of Split, Croatia.

Vitez chose to come to Southeastern because it is a smaller university, which gives her the opportunity to get to know her professors while engaging in one-on-one discussions. The tennis competitor says that she loves Southeastern because of its small town feel, while being in proximity to Oklahoma City and Dallas.

Milena works with international students in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, and is a part of the Savage Storm Women’s Tennis Team. Since she is an athlete, full-time student, and has a part-time job, Milena says that sometimes there isn’t much time for anything else.

So, what motivates her to be so involved and busy you might ask? Vitez attributes it to her dream to attend graduate school and become a mental health counselor.

“I want to be successful, and school gives me a feeling of satisfaction,” Vitez said, “Also, I want to become great in everything I do, so my dreams are something that push me to go forward.”

Vitez continues, “Counseling is my big passion, so I want to also become the best I can in it and get a chance to help people, and serve them.”

Vitez sums up her life’s mission in one phrase that we should be inspired by; “If I can help and save somebody- that is big.”