Outstanding Southeastern Student Profiles

Ralontae Worley


Whether it is co-hosting a radio show, directing a play, or participating in Speech and Debate, Ralontae Worley is not afraid to stand out amongst the crowd. Worley, a junior Broadcast Journalism major and Theatre minor, is a perfect example of the opportunity Southeastern offers its students.

Worley started his college career at a small college in Texas, where he and a friend were very active in the college’s Speech and Debate team. After seeing success on the team, they were recruited to Southeastern by the Southeastern Speech and Debate advisor, Randy Clark. Seeing the offer from Clark as an amazing opportunity, Worley and friend transferred to Southeastern in the fall of 2015 and never looked back.

Though he came for Speech and Debate, it was not the only reason he found his home at Southeastern. Worley learned that it was the university’s unique feeling of community, small class sizes, and the feeling of being one big family that made him realize just how good of a decision he made. “No matter what department you are in, it feels like home,” explained Worley.

Since arriving at Southeastern, Worley has become a part of campus in many different ways in addition to his role on the Speech and Debate team as an actor and speaker. As a Savage Storm Leader, Worley is given the opportunity to share his story and passion for Southeastern with incoming freshman both over the summer and throughout the semester.

“It feels good that you can help someone adjust to college life,” he said. “As a Savage Storm Leader, I get to participate in recruitment events such as Camp SE and SE Live.”

Another way Worley represents Southeastern is through many achievements in his department such as hosting a radio show and directing a play. Worley is a co-host for The Stamp, which is a fun, original show on the campus radio station, KSSU. He credits Southeastern professor, Dell McClain, for supporting him in whatever he does, and is happy that McClain asked him to participate in radio.  Recently, Worley had the chance to direct a play written by his friend, a chance that he claims that he, “would never have gotten anywhere else.”

As for future plans, Worley plans to continue working hard in the entertainment world by writing, producing and directing film. With big dreams and a good attitude, Worley is sure to find success after graduating from Southeastern.