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Once a decision has been reached to write a proposal for external funding, PRIOR APPROVAL MUST BE GIVEN to proceed. The Research and Sponsored Programs Manager must give permission for the project before the proposal is written. The “Internal Review and Approval Form” should be completed and signed to indicate that the permission for the project has been granted. A copy of this form should be given to the Research and Sponsored Programs office.

ANY AND ALL Partnership grants (i.e. collaboration with another group such as the Choctaw Nation) MUST receive PRIOR APPROVAL before proposal work should begin. Please contact Research and Sponsored Programs office at extension 2142 for additional information.


This is a reminder that if you plan to do any research that involves human subjects, you must get approval of this research from the Human Subject Research Review Committee. You can get a copy of the application from SOSU’s website. Click on “faculty,” then “committees,” then finally the “Human Subjects Research Review Committee.” The form will be at the bottom of the page. Please complete this form and be sure to answer every question specifically by number. Include all supporting materials. The completed application should be sent to Dr. Brooks Flippen in the Department of Social Sciences, Administration 301. Any questions should be directed to Dr. Flippen at or X2338. Thank you.


Once the project has been approved and the proposal written, the proposal should be routed for appropriate signatures AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the due date of the proposal in order to be sure the proposal will be approved and submitted in a timely manner. The following internal forms should be attached to the completed proposal:

Proposals will not be submitted until all required approvals have been obtained.

Proposal Information Sheet

  • EIN Number (Tax ID) – 73-6017987
  • DUNS Number – 045590452
  • Congressional District – OK-002
  • NAICS code – 611310

SOSU President’s Office Information:

Telephone No. – (580) 745-2500
FAX No. – (580) 745-2515

Indirect Cost Rate Information:

DHHS Negotiated Rate dated 06/20/2008:
On-campus: 43% of Salaries and Wages (does not include fringe benefits)
Off-campus: 17% of Salaries and Wages (does not include fringe benefits)
Predetermined rate valid 07/01/2008 – 06/30/2012


Once an award has been made from a sponsor, the award document should be submitted for review and signature following the same routing process as the associated proposal. The Grant Proposal/Grant Award Routing & Approval form that was used to route the proposal should be attached to the award document and sent through the routing process again for review and approval. Also, attach the approved Matching form if applicable. Other Internal forms that should be completed and routed with the award document and the Grant Proposal/Grant Award Routing & Approval form are:

Other Forms (if applicable):

If release time has been granted, the Salary Distribution form should be attached to the employee transaction form(s)

Once these forms have been approved and the President has signed off on the award document, the budget will be entered into the DPS system.

If this is a new grant award, a DPS application form must also be completed. The Research & Sponsored Programs office will assist you with this form.

Once a year, the request for Faculty Grantsmanship Supplemental Compensation allows the faculty member directing the project to get 3% of the direct expenditures up to $1,500 (up to $2,500 for multiple project directors) and may also be awarded 50% of the net indirect cost. Please contact the Research & Sponsored Programs office for additional information.