SE Alert System

SE Alert FAQ

What is the SE Alert System?

The SE Alert System is an emergency alert system that is designed to notify faculty, staff, and students of emergencies that warrant immediate notification. The system uses SMS text messages, automated phone calls, voice mails, and also emails to send emergency alert messages to Southeastern’s faculty, staff, and students.

When will the system be used and will I get more “SPAM” messages because of this?

The SE Alert system will be used only for imminent emergencies on campus and tested periodically.

Will the system be used for severe weather alerts?

The SE Alert system will not be generally used for severe weather alerts. An exception would be if community weather alert systems are not functioning (e.g. storm sirens), or if the campus had sustained weather related damage and is not safe.

How is this system different from my SE email account?

The SE Alert system is able to send SMS text messages to most cell phones and also “text-to-speech” messages to regular phones. The alerts originate from off campus and are not dependent upon SE campus email systems.

How do students, faculty, and staff update their information?

Instructions will be sent to your Southeastern email address each semester with login and instructions on how to update your contact information in the SE Alert system.

Is there a way to “opt-out” of this system?

No. All Southeastern students, staff, and faculty are eventually added to the system each semester.

Should I add phone numbers and email addresses other that my own?

Adding numbers other than yours is not generally recommended. The SE Alert system is designed to alert the individuals that are in the immediate vicinity of an impending emergency or an emergency in progress. Adding the numbers of other individuals will create additional strain on the wireless networks, telephone systems, and emergency personnel responding to an incident.

Is my private data loaded on the system?

No information other than emergency contact information will be loaded into the SE Alert System. Your student id number and SSN are not loaded into the system.

What is my username and initial password for the SE Alert System?

Username: Your SE email address
Password:  The system will email a password reset link to your Southeastern email address.

Where is the link to the website to update my contact information or reset my password?

Click Here to login or retrieve your password.

I have other questions about the system not answered here. Who should I call?

Please call the Southeastern helpdesk for general questions about the system at 580-745-2408.