Durant Art Walk
Example works by artist Phyllis Elrod


2016.03.22, Tuesday
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Thunder Alley

2016.02.23, Tuesday

Thunder Alley

Video By Jorge Martinez and Ivy Phelps

Thunder Alley

By Ali Marts


Thunder Alley is a place where all college students are welcomed. Thunder Alley is hosted at First Christian Church on the corner of 3rd and Beach St. in Durant, Oklahoma, located next to Durant’s old public library building.


Thunder Alley is an LGBTQ+ friendly hangout that offers food and a fun time. It is open every Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. Students at Thunder Alley say it is a good way to build friendships and learn about spiritually.


Justice Graham, a junior theater and communications major, said, “Thunder Alley is a good time.” Graham said that he is busy so it’s a good place to decompress.


Caroline Wright, a senior musical theater major, said, “Thunder Alley is a safe place for anyone to come and hang out.” She added that everyone is very welcoming.


Dell McLain, Department Chair of Arts, Communication and Theater at Southeastern, created Thunder Alley.


He stated that the church was looking for a way to engage college students in the area and wanted to reach out.


“The spot is a great facility that was not being used,” he said in reference to the part of the church building Thunder Alley occupies.


Organizers said Thunder Alley is fairly new, but has a great turn out. The average turn out as been around 20 students and, with time, that number is expected to grow.