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The School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences provides students with the knowledge and skills for both professional success and personal fulfillment. In an era of increased educational specialization, the faculty recognizes the essential nature of a broad foundation in the arts and sciences to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. An appreciation for all that is enduring in human civilization and the ability to communicate well are vital to one’s capacity to think globally and critically, respond creatively, and thrive in the twenty-first century. A respect for intellectual and cultural diversity and an appreciation for the aesthetic values of life prepare one for a lifetime of learning, intellectual growth, and personal enrichment.


The eight departments of the School of Arts and Sciences are biological sciences; chemistry, computer science and physical science; art, communication and theatre; English, humanities, and languages; mathematics; music; occupational safety and health; and social sciences. The School seeks to develop citizens well equipped to assume leadership roles in the community and the world. Focusing considerable attention upon the development of future educators, the school endeavors to produce graduates well-prepared for success in graduate school, professional school, and a wide variety of careers.

Specifically, the goals of the School are to help students

  • Develop an inquiring attitude;
  • Recognize, cherish, and stimulate critical and creative thought;
  • Become skilled in speaking, reading, and writing;
  • Identify and preserve the highest values of human beings through exploration of the record of the past in all areas of the sciences and humanities;
  • Develop awareness of and appreciation for diverse cultures;
  • Advocate freedom of thought;
  • Develop aesthetic appreciation of the achievements of the arts;
  • Distinguish between taste and judgment;
  • Participate knowledgeably in the institutions of society;
  • Accept opportunity and responsibility.

Program Process

The faculty are dedicated to teaching with integrity by employing sound methods supported by appropriate course study material. The faculty’s dedication to the teaching profession and to society is evident in their participation in professional organizations. They are involved in many aspects of both the campus and off-campus communities. The school takes great pride in the involvement of its faculty with student organizations and activities. The school provides enrichment beyond the classroom such as performances from visiting artists, presentations by visiting scientists, guest lecturers, arranged tours and field trips, speech and debate tournaments, and professional meetings. The Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival, a theatre company recognized throughout the state for its excellence, is housed on the campus and complements fine arts programs in the School.