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The 1098-T tax form is located at if you are eligible for a 1098-T it will be on this web-site for you to print. The information found at this web-site is provided to the IRS.


Q. Why did I not receive a 1098-T?
A. Your tuition and fees did not exceed your grants/scholarships/other aid (note: housing and meals are not included in tuition and fees)
Q. Why is the amount in box 5 (Scholarships or Grants) higher than the amount I received?
A. Out of State tuition waivers and on-campus fee waivers are included in this amount
Q. Why did I pay more tuition than is stated in box 2?
A. If box 7 is checked on the previous year 1098-T it has included amount for an academic period at the beginning of this year. (ex. If you pre-enroll for Spring 2009 in December 2008 the amount for tuition and fees will be listed on the 2008 1098-T and box 7 will be checked) The date of the transaction is when the transaction will show on the 1098-T.