Southeastern Faculty Senate

Distance Education Council

Function:  The function of the Distance Education Council (DEC) will be to provide leadership in evaluating, reviewing, assessing, and developing the distance education philosophy and curriculum. Any recommendation by the DEC concerning philosophies and policies of online learning will be submitted to the Academic Council. The DEC will work with the appropriate academic departments and/or administrative offices to ensure the continuation, assessment, quality, and evolution of the distance education program. The DEC will review the results of distance education assessment to determine if any modifications need to be made in the distance education philosophy and curriculum and make recommendations, if necessary, to the appropriate departments/faculty. The DEC will work with faculty and administration in determining and recommending which technology and training is necessary to implement and maintain courses and programs that will be delivered via distance education. (APPM 3.6.1)

Membership Description:  See APPM 3.6.1  Distance Education Homepage


Minutes and Documents:  See DEC Meeting Minutes and Archives

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