Southeastern Faculty Senate

Human Subjects Research Review Procedures

Human Subjects Research Procedures

Date: February 13, 2001

To: Faculty, Administrators, and Staff

From: Human Subjects Research and Review Committee

Subject: Proposals Subject to Review

The Human Subjects Research and Review Committee is a relatively new committee officially formed just a few years ago. As we have worked through the process of formation and reviewing proposed research at SOSU, we have made changes to improve the process. For example, last year the committee reviewed and developed a request form to standardize information submitted to the committee for review. That form is available from the chair upon request.

This year the committee has received several requests for review of research involving human subjects and it has refined its time line for review. Complete request forms received by the 15th of the month will be reviewed during the last week of the month. To facilitate this review the committee will also need to meet with the study’s primary researcher at this meeting, usually scheduled in the afternoon for the last Thursday or Friday of the month.

Our purpose as a committee is to protect human subjects from physical and/or mental harm. Related to this concern we have noted two frequent omissions from the proposals. First, no mention is made of any benefit to the participants. Why should they participate in the experiment, be subject to the experiment, or answer the survey questionnaire? Second, no mention is made in the request form (or in any of the other materials submitted) that every participant has a right to quit the experiment before it is finished. Please address these concerns in future research requests submitted.

If you have questions, please contact the committee.