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Single Mothers Outreach

The Southeastern Oklahoma State University Single Mothers Outreach Program is a newer program established on campus in the Fall of 2018 under Student Affairs and is overseen by Vice President of Student Affairs, Liz McCraw.

16 percent of Southeastern students identify as single mothers. We aim to provide a support system for these women and provide them with resources on campus and within the community in order to assist them with the needs that come with being a single parent working towards a college degree. We recognize that balancing course work with parenting can be very difficult and we want to see single mothers succeed.

Research from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research completed in 2017 found that 11 percent of all undergraduates are raising children without a partner and that 4 out of 10 women reported that they are likely to drop out of school due to parenting obligations. It’s our goal to reduce the number of students who are unable to complete their degree and help enhance the lives of the women and children in our communities by linking them to resources, establishing resources, and providing support and advocacy for the single mothers at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.


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