Purchasing Card Program

The Southeastern Oklahoma State University Purchasing Card Program has been implemented in an effort to improve service to the University departments and to provide a more efficient process for small dollar purchases needed to conduct official University business.

The University Purchasing Card benefits SE and it’s departments through:  promptly paying vendors, reducing overall processing costs, and enabling purchasing from vendors who do not accept purchase orders.

Cards are issued in the name of Southeastern Oklahoma State University and include the department name and a unique account number.

Only items/transactions $2,500.00 or less per vendor per day and when in accordance with all existing policies, Oklahoma Statutes, and RUSO Policy are allowed.  Purchases may  not be split and charged to the Card to avoid the requisition requirements for pre-approval of expenditures in excess of $2,500.  If you are aware that multiple orders will be placed within a 5 day window of time to same vendor and the total of all orders will exceed $2,500 – Do Not Use the PCard – Process a Purchase Order prior to placing order.  The Purchasing Card Program is not intended to circumvent existing regulation.

Misuse of the Purchasing Card in any manner by a Card User, Cardholder, or Card Manager may result in revocation of the privilege to use the Card, disciplinary action, termination of employment, and/or criminal charges being filed with the appropriate authority.

The Purchasing Card is valuable property which requires proper treatment by the Card User, Cardholder, and Card Manager to protect it from misuse by unauthorized parties.

Reconciliation Due Date – On or Before 5th Calendar Day of Month by 4:00 p.m.

Administration Building, Room 208
1405 N. 4th Avenue PMB 4140
Durant, OK 74701-0609

Purchasing Card Training Location

Administration Building, Room 213
1405 N. 4th Avenue PMB 4240
Durant, OK 74701-0609

Report Lost or Stolen Purchasing Cards

If the Purchasing Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact:

JPMorgan Chase (24 hrs a day)

Dana Bell (call and follow with an email noting circumstance)

Sandy Kirven (call and follow with an email noting circumstance)

Purchasing Card Contacts

Dana Bell
Program Administrator
Applications; Training; Card Management; Lost/Stolen Cards
Telephone: 580.745.2132
Fax: 580.745.7505

Sandy Kirven
Finance Office Administrator (PCard)
Reconciliation; Adding new department numbers; MCC Codes; Declined Card; Lost/Stolen Card
Telephone: 580.745.3324
Fax: 580.745.7489

Kay Lynn Roberts
Executive Director of Finance/Comptroller
Telephone: 580.745.2977
Fax: 580.745.7489