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Invoicing & Requisition

Requisition (Purchase Order)

Upon receipt of invoice for goods and services purchased on Requisition (Purchase Order) the DPS author will certify receipt by submitting the invoice with the correct items purchased, the Accounting Copy, Signature Copy and Receiving Report.

The DPS author should fill in dollar amount, invoice number, sign and date the Receiving Report and staple it together in the following order:
-Accounting Copy
-Contract/Flyer/Roster/Meal Form or any other supporting documentation
-Signature Page
-Receiving Report
-Copy of invoice to be mailed with check (if the vendor requires it)

30 day explanation requirement
If date of processing payment is over 30 days past the invoice date – submit an over thirty day (30) explanation.

Verify Purchases
Verify item(s) and costs match Requisition (Purchase Order) copy;
If cost exceeds the approved dollar amount on requisition copy an increase in the purchase order must be processed Send copy of requisition to Purchasing requesting an increase.

Verify that invoice amount matches amount written on receiving report;
If multiple state object codes write state object code(s) on the invoice next to each line item if only 1 state object code do not write state object code on invoice.

Submit and forward without delay, to the Office of Finance to expedite payment.

Jackets are for internal office use within departments under the Vice President of Business Affairs.

  • Event
    If an official SE campus event attach an email, brochure, flyer, some type of documentation noting official SE campus event.
  • Meal (Food)
    If Invoice is for a food or meal submit a roster of people attending event or meal. A sign-in sheet is the preferred documentation.

    • If an official SE campus event attach an email, brochure, flyer, some type of documentation noting official SE campus event
    • If Faculty/Staff are eating, and are not in travel status, a Meal Form must be signed and approved prior to the event and attached with invoice when submitting for payment.
    • Admission Fees and Reimbursements to Students for Testing – Fund C (Grant Programs)
  • Reimbursements
    Must attach paid receipt – reflecting dollar amount paid and testing date
  • Lodging Paid on Requisition
    Submit proof of designated lodging single room rate or printout of per diem rate
    a. If no designated lodging rate state will not allow payment of more than the per diem rate

Submit roster for those that stayed overnight

  • Memberships, Subscriptions, and Maintenance Agreements
    a. Note beginning and ending dates – required for processing

Payment can be processed up to six weeks prior to beginning date
a. If beginning date crosses fiscal years then payment must be processed in the fiscal year that ties to the dates