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How big is Southeastern? How many live on campus?

In fall 2022, Southeastern enrolled 5,376 students. That is the largest in the history of the University!

Approximately 600 students live in the residence halls on campus with many others living in nearby apartments or rent houses.

What are the admission requirements?

For new freshmen, a student must make a 20 on their ACT or have a 2.7 HS GPA and be in the top 50% of their graduating class. There are different requirements for adult and transfer students. Please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions page for more information.

What majors are offered to students?

SE offers over 50 majors! The most common undergraduate majors are business, pre-health professions, occupational safety, psychology, aviation and education. Click HERE for a list of majors and descriptions.

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Does the University have its own Police Department? What is safety like on campus?

Yes! Southeastern Oklahoma State University has certified officers on campus 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. Also, there are police call boxes located strategically across campus. If you or your student ever thinks “should I call?” –then they should call!! For more information please click here. College campuses are generally safe but they do reflect society. Which means, at times, crimes will occur on campus. We ask our students to partner with us by keeping doors locked, not propping open doors, and being aware of their surroundings. All colleges and universities are required to report annual crime statistics. SE has a downloadable app for students and the University community in order to communicate emergency alerts when necessary.

You can find our annual report here.

If my student does not feel well, how do I schedule an appointment for my student to see someone?

We have found that students keep appointments better when they schedule them personally. Please have your student call for their FREE appointment at 580-745-2988. Visit our website to see what we can do for your student!

Can you tell me about what happened during my student’s visit to the Health Clinic?

Similar to academic records, once your child enters college their health records are considered their own and cannot be shared by our office. If your student wants to share information, a student would need to meet with the Director of Student Wellness Services and provide written consent. This would need to happen every time the student wanted information released.

What should I do if my student is in crisis?

Medical emergencies should call 911. If on the Durant campus, medical staff are available on campus and they will be alerted by Campus Police to also respond. Mental health crises on the Durant campus may contact campus police (580-745-2727) and request to speak with the counselor on call. You may also contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text to 741741.

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What activities/organizations can my student be involved with? What can they do to get out of their room/make friends? How will they know what activities are going on?

Getting involved in a student organization is one of the things that can make your student’s college experience all they want it to be. SE has over 70 student organizations in which your student can join. During any given week there are multiple things happening on campus such as athletic events, concerts, plays, art shows, or other events where students gather. Students find out about these through email, flyers posted on campus, or University websites.

The best way to get students off on the right foot is to participate in one of our pre-college orientation experiences. The BIG BLUE Experience happens in June-July and is a two day camp that focuses on students connecting with other incoming freshmen and staff. CAMP SE occurs before the start of semester and helps students become more familiar with campus, faculty expectations, and services provided. You can learn more about our orientations and all things student life here.

For more information on student organizations at SE, go here!

As a parent or guardian, how can I check on my student’s/student’s grades or attendance? What if I want to talk to someone about my student?

The best way is to ask your student. When your student transitions to a college setting, by federal law they are considered adults. As such, their academic records are their own. Even if the student has filled out a parental release of records, that will not allow a faculty member to share daily grades or attendance with you. Each student has access to their own gradebook on Blackboard and will receive mid-term grade information. If you are concerned, want a well-fare check, or just want to talk to someone about your student, contact the Office of Student Affairs at 580-745-2368.

Where can my student get the “Release of Records” form?

A student can give permission to release their records. This is managed and filed through the Office of Registrar and must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public or a University Official. Your student can access this form here.

What if my student wants to drop a class?

The first step is to talk to their advisor. Sometimes dropping a class is best, and sometimes it can have unintended consequences. Each student at SE has an advisor that assists them in achieving their degree. Your student can find their advisor and schedule an appointment here.

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How do I find out what my student’s current bill is for the semester? How can I see their financial aid?

The easiest way is to sit down with your student and ask them to log into their Colleague Self-Service account. This will provide them with a current bill, charges, scholarships, and financial aid awarded. They can access Colleague Self-Service here. Instructions for Student Finance can be found here.

Where can we learn about scholarships? How many students receive financial assistance?

You best sources of information for new students is the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. You can contact them at admissions@se.edu. For current students, it would be the University Scholarship office. You can contact them at SEscholarships@se.edu.

There are many different types of assistance such as grants, scholarships, tuition-waivers, and loans. 73% of all SE students receive some type of financial aid.

What is a FAFSA? Do we have to complete one?

FAFSA stand for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Completion of the FAFSA is required if your student wants to receive a Pell Grant, federal work-study, or a loan. We encourage everyone to fill one out. Some scholarships are needs-based and require completion of the FAFSA. For more questions about the FAFSA you can contact financialaid@se.edu.

Are there payment plans and late fees?

Yes, a student can establish a payment plan on Colleagues Self Service. Student accounts are charged 1.5% of total balance and will be charged as a late fee after the last day September/February/June. For more information you can contact the Business Office at businessoffice@se.edu. Please know that the Business Office is always willing to work with students and families who may experience unexpected circumstances when dealing with financing the University experience, with a solutions oriented approach.

When will financial aid be disbursed? What are the important dates I need to know?

The University cannot distribute financial aid until attendance has been verified. That is usually two to three weeks after the semester starts. For important financial aid dates go here.

I was told the out-of-state tuition would be waived but it is on my bill, how come? Will I be charged a late fee if I don’t pay it?

If you see the out-of-state tuition on the bill, don’t panic. The University is required to place the out-of-state tuition on the student’s bill and then remove it as a part of the aid package after attendance verification. You will not be charged a late fee if the out-of-state tuition is still on your bill after the payment due date. If you have questions, please contact businessoffice@se.edu.

How does my student set up direct deposit for refunds or payments from the University?

That is done through their Self Service Student Finance account. Instructions can be found here.

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Is my student required to live on campus?

SE believes that there are important educational and social benefits in living on campus in the university run residence halls. Because of this conviction, Southeastern has developed a Freshmen Residency Program that requires all single, full-time (12 hours or more per semester), first time freshmen who are under the age of 20 and have earned fewer than 24 college credit hours to reside in university housing. College credit hours that have been earned while in high school do not count toward the 24 college credit hour limit. Please refer to the Freshman Residency Requirement for more information. If a student is a commuter living with parents or guardian, married, a veteran, or has another compelling reason, they can access the Request for Exemption Form here.

What is a residence hall room like? Do they have to share a bathroom?

SE offers both traditional and apartment-style residential options. As for bathrooms, some rooms share a bathroom with up to 4 people, some with 2, and others have a private bath. Each option has a different price. The residence halls are not gender specific, but sharing of bathroom space is limited to the student’s roommates and suitemates. To take a virtual tour of all of the residence halls, click here.

What is the cancellation policy on housing?

The Housing Contract is considered a legal agreement, and must be formally canceled in writing, using the Housing Contract cancel form. Please consult the Terms & Conditions of the Housing Contract in order to see what charges may be association with canceling. As with any housing agreement, there are financial penalties for breakage. For more questions about Residence Life and Dining Services, visit the Residence Life FAQ page.