Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library

Interlibrary Loan


  1. Determine availability of the item.  Search SE catalog 
  2. ILL Book request form
  3. ILL Article request form
  4. If confirmation is not received within 24 hours please verify your request by contacting Darryl Rainbolt or call (580) 745-2931.
  5. Typically books are received within two weeks of request; while articles can be received within three to seven days. Please indicate on your request form the latest date the material will be of value to you. Requests unfilled by the date indicated will be cancelled.
  6. Although every effort is made to obtain Interlibrary Loan materials free of charge, some materials (especially photocopies) cost. In most cases, you will be responsible for any cost incurred. Therefore, it is necessary that you indicate the maximum charge you are willing to pay. Items that can not be acquired for free will be canceled if the borrowing price is greater than the amount approved on the request form. A blank amount is assumed to be $0.00.


  1. Interlibrary Loan is an agreement between libraries which may be rescinded at any time. The lending library may set limitations or restrictions on loans.
  2. Most libraries do not permit renewal of Interlibrary Loan items. For this reason, be sure to place your requests so that you will not receive too many items at one time.
  3. Interlibrary Loan staff reserves the right to refuse Interlibrary Loan service to any patron who may jeopardize our agreements by violating lending libraries’ stipulations.
  4. Some items are difficult to acquire and a few cannot be acquired. Foreign publications, items long out-of-print, and just published items are especially problematic. Plan your research to allow additional time to acquire these items.
  5. Any charges will be posted to your library account. Amounts totaling $5.00 or more will block library use until paid. Amounts not paid within 90 days will be posted to the Business Office for collection.
  6. Community card holders may not use Interlibrary Loan. Their community libraries will provide Interlibrary Loan services.


The Federal copyright law 94-553, enacted January 1, 1978, has placed a limit on the number of photocopies of articles that the SE library may request from recent periodical issues, i.e. those published in the last five years. In most cases this will not affect our ability to request the materials you need, but the Interlibrary Loan department reserves the right to refuse to process requests, which in our opinion, would violate copyright law. On these occasions, Interlibrary Loan staff will provide patrons with information on how they might acquire the desired materials through sources other than Interlibrary Loan.


Monday-Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Telephone: 580-745-2931

Direct all Interlibrary Loan Questions to: Darryl Rainbolt or ph. 580-745-2931.