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Library Instruction

The SE Library provides instruction in the use of library resources and services for students, faculty, and other patrons. The goals of the Library Instruction Program are to foster knowledge and enthusiasm for the library and its services and to provide students with essential information literacy abilities that will enhance their academic careers and personal growth.

Library Instruction Goals and Objectives

Library users will learn to find, locate, retrieve, evaluate and use information resources through learner-centered instructional programs.

Program objectives include:

  1.  Become familiar with library facilities, resources, and services.
  2.  Learn how to locate books, journal articles, and other resources.
  3.  Understand the basics of doing library research.
  4.  Learn how to locate and evaluate information on the Internet.

Course specific objectives include:

  1.  Analyze a topic and identify key concepts.
  2.  Formulate a successful search strategy.
  3.  Select and use appropriate print and electronic research tools.
  4.  Critically evaluate sources regarding their currency, authority, purpose and source.

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