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Aviation – Professional Pilot Program

Application and Acceptance Procedure

The Fall 2024 Professional Pilot Class has been selected; the application window for Fall 2025 will open July 1st, 2024, and close January 15, 2025, or as soon as the class is full.

To apply for the Professional Pilot program, begin by applying to Southeastern Oklahoma State University Here. Then complete the online university application by submitting the following documents:

*Documents may be uploaded directly into your online application account.

  • Previous institutional transcripts (High school and College)
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • FAA 1st Class Medical Certificate; includes a 1st Class that has defaulted to 3rd Class.
    (Click here to locate an AME.)
  • A minimum 1-page essay indicating why you want to be a professional pilot and why you want to be a part of the Southeastern Professional Pilot program.
  • A Resume highlighting your scholastic, leadership, and responsibility accomplishments.
  • At least three letters of recommendation.
  • A link to a video submission answering posted interview questions. The video should be no longer than 5minutes and professional in nature. (YouTube is preferred.)
  • Once all documents are uploaded, they will then be reviewed by Southeastern Admissions and the Aerospace Department.

    For any questions or concerns, please contact or by phone at

Factors Affecting Acceptance info the Professional Pilot Program

Southeastern is interested in creating the highest quality aviation education possible for its students.  We are most interested in accepting students who have the highest aptitude and the highest chances of succeeding in the aviation industry as a professional pilot.  While having piloting experience is not necessarily a requirement indicating success, it certainly has some weight.  Other factors also include a student’s character and their leadership skills from high school or a job.  Our job is to turn our students into successful and competent pilots!  We use a selection committee of aviation faculty members completing an evaluation Rubric to objectively evaluate students in comparison to other applicants.

The following represents some of the factors which might result in getting the highest probability of program acceptance:

  • Students who do not have an FAA 1st Class Medial will not be considered.
  • Students that have an alumni connection or are legacy students of Southeastern may receive a
    higher score.
  • Students who have shown leadership skills in high school, scouts, or other organizations may receive a higher score.
  • Students who have high GPA and/or ACT or SAT scores may receive a higher score.
  • Essay submissions are evaluated on both grammar and content separately.
  • Letters of recommendation that provide context receive higher scoring value.
  • Candidates are encouraged to prepare and rehearse the video interview prior to submission.