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Distinguished Alumni Award Guidelines for Publication


  1. Nominees must be graduates of or former students at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
  2. To be considered are the nominees’ outstanding personal/professional achievements and/or extraordinary/unique service contributions which bring recognition and honor to the University.
  3. Nominees will not be eligible for consideration as long as they are full-time employees of Southeastern Oklahoma State University or one of its affiliated entities.



  1. The nominator must be an individual other than the nominee.  The nominator must be an individual who is not a family member of the nominee.
  2. The nomination form completed by the nominator and no fewer than three (3) letters of recommendation shall be submitted to the Southeastern Oklahoma State Alumni Office by April 30th.
  3. Acknowledgment of receipt shall be sent to the person submitting both the nomination form and the three or more letters of support.
  4. Receipt of nomination is defined as:  If sent electronically, it must be dated no later than April 30.  If sent through postal service, it must be postmarked no later than April 30.  Ten (10) full calendar days will be allowed for the mail to arrive.  Therefore, anything received after May 10 will not be considered for the current year but will be kept in line for consideration the following three (3) years.
  5. Nominees’ names and applications will remain on file with the Awards Committee and be eligible for consideration for a total of three (3) years including the year of submission providing it arrives in time for consideration the year of submission.
  6. Recipients will be notified/congratulated first by the University President once they are formally approved by the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Alumni Board of Directors.
  7. Recipients will be honored during annual Homecoming activities.  The official recognition will be during the Homecoming Alumni Banquet and on the football field prior to the game.
  8. Once a nominee has been considered for three (3) years and not selected, the nominator shall be notified by the Alumni Director/Coordinator that their nominee has rolled off the active list but may be re-nominated.