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Faculty Hall of Fame

The faculty at Southeastern is one of the University’s fundamental strengths, and is dedicated to an unusual degree to the students, the University, and the region. The faculty is well qualified to carry out the programs of the University and is concerned with maintaining courses which are timely and draw upon the latest findings in their field.

Of the 150 members, the majority have completed their doctorates or are in advanced stages of their doctoral programs. The faculty’s mean age is about 46 and represents a cross section of our world and society. Degrees have been earned at universities such as Arizona State, Baylor, Colorado State, Missouri-Columbia, Florida State, Iowa, Louisiana State, New York, Purdue, Rutgers, South Dakota, Texas, Vienna (Austria), Wisconsin, etc.

Many of the faculty continue to upgrade their credentials by attending summer courses, as well as pursuing independent reading and research programs in their disciplines. The University faculty exhibit a genuine concern for the personal and professional development of their students.

Faculty Hall of Fame

The induction of these six great teachers into our Faculty Hall of Fame does not confer fame upon them; rather it acknowledges the fame they already have. They earned this fame: They touched the lives of thousands during their years of service. Those thousands hold them in vivid memory, recalling them with gratitude and affection. There is no fame more precious.

  • Dr. Wade Baskin
  • Dr. Leslie Dwight
  • Mrs. Floy Perkinson Gates
  • Mr. Thomas Allen Houston
  • Dr. James D. Morrison
  • Dr. Eugene E. Slaughter