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Native Studies

The Native Studies (NS) minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed to give students an introduction to and an appreciation of the lives of Native Americans. NS students will be exposed to both pre-Columbian and post-Columbian cultures. This minor is ideal for students who are interested in learning more about the American past as well as those who are interested in the future of Native peoples. The interdisciplinary nature of the minor is well suited for those students who anticipate future employment in a field that will bring them into contact with Native Americans. The study of Native Americans presented in the minor exposes students to a wide array of approaches and perspectives related to the study of Native peoples.

Minor (18 Semester Hours)

NS 1113 Introduction to Native Studies
NS 3113 Native Policy and Law
NS 3213 Native Religion and Philosophy
(Must chose one of the following)
CHTW1513 Choctaw Language and Culture
NS 1213 Chickasaw Culture and Language

Choose two electives from the following:
NS 2113 Native Health and Wellness
NS 3313 Native Educational Policy
SOC 3823 Native American Cultures
HIST 3573 Native American History
ENG 4563 Native American Literatures
ART 3103 Survey of Native North American Art
SOC 3623 Race, Gender and Ethnic Relations

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