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How does a student receive special accommodations?

Each student should identify him/herself to the Compliance and Safety Director (Administration Building, Room 311 or call 580-745-3090)
A Special needs intake will document the disability and appropriate accommodations.
A letter explaining which accommodations are necessary, and who to contact if further explanation or instruction is needed, will be sent to each instructor.
The student has the responsibility to notify the Compliance and Safety Director if the accommodations are not provided or are inadequate.

What are appropriate accommodations?

Accommodations can include, but are not limited to:

  • tape recording lectures
  • note taking services
  • sign language interpreters
  • additional time for tests
  • adaptive equipment (computers, seating, enlargements of materials)
  • readers/scribes
  • classroom re–assignment
  • service animals
  • residence hall accommodations
  • recorded syllabi, handouts, etc.
  • special materials, such as color overlays
  • recorded or braille texts


What if I feel the accommodation is unnecessary?

The Compliance and Safety Director will be happy to discuss all accommodations and discuss other options to provide an equal opportunity.

How does ADA address confidentiality?

Any information regarding a person’s disability is considered confidential and should not be discussed in class or with anyone who does not have a “need to know.”

What should I do if I know of a student who needs accommodations?

Tell the student how to request services.

What should a student do if he/she has a complaint about the services for those with disabilities?

A grievance procedure is on file in the following offices:

Office for Student Affairs, A205
Human Resources Office, A309
Compliance and Safety Director, Admin. Room 311

Why should I become involved?

There are many people with disabilities who want a chance to be full participants in life. The faculty and staff of Southeastern have a major role in students’ lives and it is very important that we meet the needs of all our students. Most of us have had limited contact with people with disabilities and we are sometimes unsure of how to respond, but by becoming involved and informed, our students will have a greater chance to reach their full potential.

American Disabilities Act