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How much will it cost to earn my FAA certificates and ratings at Southeastern? Open Close

The following FAA Certificate and Ratings are required to complete the Professional Pilot program:

Private Pilot Certificate ( $6,150 minimum)
Instrument Rating ( $6,790 minimum)
Commercial Pilot Certificate ($24,905 minimum)
Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI) ( $5,800 minimum)
Instrument Instructor Rating (CFII) ( $3,480 minimum)
Multi-Engine Rating (ME) ( $6,255 minimum)

The total estimated cost including all flight, ground, lab, simulation, flight checks, and written exam is $53,380.

*Note: This estimate may very student to student and reflects FAA minimum times.

Cost sheet

Revised – 7/18/23

Is financial aid available for academic and flight expenses? Open Close

Financial aid is available by completing a FAFSA application or contacting the Financial Aid Office.  Financial aid can be applied to both academic and flight expenses although students must be cautioned that Financial Aid is normally not available for many flight expenses associated with the Professional Pilot Program.  This is a nationally recognized problem.  There are other sources of funding (VA Funding, Scholarships, Grants, etc.) for flight expenses and students are encouraged to explore every possible avenue of funding to complete the flight program without delays caused by monetary shortfalls.

Are there any scholarships available? Open Close

Yes. There are campus-wide scholarships as well as Aviation Sciences Institute-specific scholarships available. SOSU now has a single scholarship application form which allows you to apply for many scholarships with just one form .  Students may learn more about scholarships by going to this web page .  In addition, there are many industry scholarships available that are granted by Airlines, parents work places, and aviation industry organizations.  Here is an FAA website which provides reference to many organizations that provide scholarships and grants for aviation students.

How will I pay for my flight expenses? Open Close

Flight expenses are debited from your Flight Account which is maintained by the University Business Office. No flight account monetary transactions are received at the airport.¬† New Student Flight Accounts are created by depositing at least $2,000 with the Business office on campus when you first arrive at Southeastern. Every time you fly or purchase flight-related supplies your account is debited. When your Flight Account balance goes below¬†$400, you must deposit more money or else you will be placed on the ‚ÄúNo-Fly‚ÄĚ list. You will remain on the ‚ÄúNo Fly‚ÄĚ list until your balance goes above $400.

Your Flight Account will be used to cover most of the costs associated with flying classes. These expenses include aircraft rental, ground and flight instruction, simulation, charts, plotters, headsets, aircraft manuals, and lab fees.

What FAA certificates and ratings will I have to acquire to graduate from Southeastern? Open Close

Private Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI)
Instrument Instructor Rating (CFII)
Multi-Engine Rating (ME)

What is the normal schedule I will follow for flying? Open Close

Our goal is for every student to fly at least three times a week. Your schedule will be determined every semester based on your academic schedule. Any time you are not in the classroom or working you should be available to fly. Your instructor will actually schedule your flights. It is up to you to review the schedule regularly and be on time and prepared for each flight.

What if I already have a Private Pilot Certificate? Open Close

If you already have an FAA Private Pilot certificate then you will begin your Commercial flight training at Southeastern in the spring semester when you begin your Commercial 1 flight training class. Because of the way the FAA Restricted ATP program works, you will still have to sign up for AVIA 1004 Private Pilot Ground School and AVIA 1041 Private Pilot Flight because you need these credits to qualify for the Restricted ATP which requires 64 Aviation credits at Southeastern.  You will take a Private Pilot proficiency stage check with the chief pilot and upon successful completion of the proficiency required for our Private Pilot program, the passing grade will be processed and the flight requirements will be waived.  In the spring of your Freshman year, you will enroll in AVIA 2083 Commercial Performance and AVIA 3163 Commercial Flying. Then you will be synchronized with our flight classes.

What if I already have an Instrument Rating? Open Close

We are not currently able to accept any certificate or rating beyond the Private Pilot Certificate.

What if I already have a Commercial Certificate and Instrument Rating? Open Close

We are not currently able to accept any certificate or rating beyond the Private Pilot Certificate.

What if I already have all my certificates and ratings? Open Close

We are not currently able to accept any certificate or rating beyond the Private Pilot Certificate.

What do I need to begin flying? Open Close

All students who wish to be admitted to the Professional pilot program must complete a program application after being accepted to Southeastern.  Every year, the aviation selection committee meets in the beginning of March to review student applications.  Students will be notified if they were accepted or not soon after the committee meets.  Please go to the following website location to learn about the application process:

Once a student is accepted in to the program, all flight students are required to complete the following prior to being assigned to a flight instructor:

1. Enroll in the proper flight course.
2. Obtain an FAA First Class Medical Certificate.
3. Establish a ‚Äúflight account‚ÄĚ with a minimum balance of $2,000.00.
4. After completing all of the above, students must submit the following documentation to the Department Chair:

U.S. Citizens
In accordance with the Transportation Security Administration’s 49 CFR Part 1552, students must provide proof of U.S. citizenship or nationality. To establish U.S. citizenship or nationality, students must present one of the following:

1. A valid U.S. passport OR
2. An original raised seal U.S. birth certificate AND government issued picture identifications.
Non-U.S. Citizens
Must make an appointment with the Department Chair to determine which steps are needed in order to comply with 49 CFR Part 1552.

All Students Must:
-Complete two availability forms in their entirety. Students will find availability forms here.
-Completed the SOP quiz. Click here for a copy of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). All students must take this exam once a year.
-Provide a copy of all pilot certificates, medicals, and FAA knowledge exam results that are not already on file within the Chief Flight Instructor’s office.

Where can I get an FAA First Class medical? Open Close

FAA Flight Physicals are administered by FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiners (AME):

Note: Not all AME‚Äôs are qualified to administer the FAA First Class Medical examination. Download either of the following two lists from the CAMI site and check column ‚ÄúO‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúFirst Class Examiner‚ÄĚ to see if an AME in your area can administer the examination for a First Class Medical certificate.

There is one AME in Durant who can administer the examination for a First Class Medical certificate.

Why do I need an FAA First Class medical to fly at Southeastern? Open Close

The FAA only requires that Student Pilots obtain a Third Class Medical Certificate. Southeastern requires an FAA First Class Medical for Professional Pilot majors for the following reason. The goal of the Professional Pilot degree program is to prepare students for employment in the commercial airline industry. In order to fly as a pilot for a commercial airline you will need an FAA First Class medical. We do not want a student to complete most or all of their flight training only to discover later that they cannot obtain an FAA First Class medical. It is much better to discover a disqualifying medical condition before beginning flight training rather than afterward.

If you have a condition that disqualifies you from obtaining an FAA First Class medical but does not disqualify you from obtaining an FAA Second or Third Class medical and you wish to complete the Professional Pilot degree program you must first sign a waiver. The waiver, available from Kyle Thomas, states that you recognize that without an FAA First Class medical that you cannot obtain employment with a commercial air carrier and that you nevertheless wish to continue with the Professional Pilot program.

What if I already have an FAA medical but it isn’t a First Class medical? Open Close

We still want you to obtain an FAA First Class medical in order to eliminate the possibility of you completing the program only to discover later that you have a medical condition that disqualifies you from obtaining an FAA First Class medical.

Where are the flight classes taught? Open Close

All flying classes are taught at the airport. Eaker Field is located about five miles south of the main Southeastern campus.

Does the university provide transportation to the airport? Open Close

No. Transportation to and from the airport is NOT provided. It is up to each student to make arrangements to travel to and from the airport. The vast majority of students have their own vehicles but some students have been known to bicycle to the airport and back to campus.

Does the university own their own aircraft? Open Close

Southeastern owns all of the aircraft that we use for flight training.

Who maintains your aircraft? Open Close

Southeastern employs four full-time A&P mechanics to maintain our aircraft.

Can I rent a university aircraft for weekend trips or other personal use? Open Close

There is nothing to stop anyone from flying for recreation or receiving instruction elsewhere while a student at Southeastern. However, the hours accrued and any Certificate or Ratings earned elsewhere while a flight student at SOSU CANNOT be used to fullfil any of the requirements of the Professional Pilot degree program.

There is only one exception to this rule. If, after you begin your flight training at Southeastern, you earn an FAA Certificate or Rating at an accredited four-year college or university, you may transfer the college credit to Southeastern and use it toward your Professional Pilot degree requirements. Note: You must still complete the last two flight Ratings at Southeastern in order to meet the requirements of the Professional Pilot degree program

Can I just take flight instruction at Southeastern without being a degree seeking student? Open Close

At this time, we are only able to provide flight training to those accepted into the Professional Pilot degree program.

Where are your ground school and academic classes taught? Open Close

Most non-flying classes (ground schools and academic courses) are taught on the SE main campus. Currently, all aviation courses are taught in the Russell Building on campus. There are some labs associated with academic classes which do meet at the airport.

What if I come to Southeastern with an Associates Degree? Open Close

If you earned an Associate of Arts Degree (AA) or an Associate of Science Degree (AS) from an Oklahoma college your General Education (GenEd) requirements are fulfilled. This means that you only need to complete the requirements for your degree (major and minor or major/minor), any specified GenEd classes and as many electives as are required to complete 124 hours.

If you earned an Associate of Arts Degree (AA) or an Associate of Science Degree (AS) from a college outside of Oklahoma your General Education (GenEd) requirements may or may not be fulfilled. SOSU has articulation agreements with several colleges in North Texas. If your AA or AS degree is from one of these schools you have completed your GenEd requirements. If not, the Registrar will have to complete a GenEd Check in order to determine what General Education courses you still need to complete, if any. You can contact the Registrar at campus extension x2165.

Note: All aviation majors have ‚ÄúSpecified General Education‚ÄĚ requirements. Even if you meet the generic General Education requirements of the university you may still have to take additional classes in order to fulfill the Specified General Education requirements of the major.

What is a ‚ÄúSpecified GenEd‚ÄĚ class? Open Close

Specified General Education classes are a subset of the General Education classes required of all students. While several classes meet the university’s generic General Education requirements the Aviation Sciences Institute requires that specific classes in the General Education curriculum be taken in order to earn an aviation degree.

The four Specified General Education classes required of all aviation majors (Professional Pilot as well as Aviation Management) are:

COMM 2213 Business and professional Speaking
ECON 2113 Principles of Macroeconomics
PHYS 1114 General Physics I (with lab)
MATH 2143 Brief Calculus with Applications

If you take any other General Education classes in these areas you will meet the general university requirements for General Education. However, you will NOT meet the requirement of any of the aviation degree programs until you complete all four of these Specified General Education classes.

Do you offer A&P classes at Southeastern? Open Close

We are not currently offering A&P classes at SE. A&P classes are currently offered at several two-year colleges and technical schools in Oklahoma and Texas.

Can I take classes at Tinker AFB? Open Close

You can only take classes at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City if you are a member of the military or a DOD civilian or dependent and can gain access to the base. Please note that classes on Tinker AFB are primarily for active duty military members and DOD civilians. If a class is full, priority will be given to active duty military members and DOD civilians. Even if you have already enrolled in a class, if a higher priority student tries to enroll lower priority students may be removed from the class in order to make room.

Is the flight program certified by the FAA? Open Close

Yes. Our flight program is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration under 14 CFR, Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.